Photo of the Day – Today’s Kids and Pokemon

05 Mar

Kids today won't remember battling Pokemon with a cable!

Ahhh the good ol' days of Game Boy Link Cable Pokemon Battles/Trading!

Ahhh the good ol’ days! Do YOU remember battling Pokemon via a link cable?

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I do, and owned the original Game Boy along with its successors the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance SP.

Although I was a big Pokemon fan, I wasn’t a huge fan and didn’t really battle or trade with friends that often. I did moreso with the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which I didn’t really play much but I did collect up to the Jungle series.

Either way, today is all wireless all the time. Which is much more convenient and is, really, the same thing. Still, you gotta love the old-school and this photo will remain in the heads and memories of all us old-school gamers. And will certainly seem very weird to those who were born in the day of wireless-free.

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