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14 Mar

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What I’ve Read In AUGUST 2012

Table of Contents


* How to Master the Knife In Resident Evil (WikiHow) – This guide gives you some tips on how to master the weakest weapon in the game… A very, very difficult feat!
* TwitchTV – TwitchTV is a video streaming and upload website that is like youtube but exclusively focused on videogames. It is a haven for posting your own Let’s Play videos, and also covers major events and videogame competitions and eSports broadcasts. It was started by and has grown to over 12 million viewers a month!
* ViewtifulRoxas Backloggery – Check out my friend Viewtiful Roxas’ Backloggery profile and all of the game’s (mostly RPGs) she is playing currently!


* CastlevaniaGirl
* CastlevaniaGirl’s Resident Evil 4 Let’s Play – I love to watch girls play videogames and hear their commentary, here is one from a youtuber called Castlevania Girl.
* MissCharlieCherry – Another great girl gamer youtuber from Britain.
* MissCharlieCherry Resident Evil Remake Let’s Play






* XOCAI Healthy Energy Drink – Bill O’Reilly recommends this drink, he says replace a soda with this and you’ll be much healthier. This was recommended on his new Tip of the Day Segment! Healthy chocolate drink?! Sign me up!





* Phoenician Language – Absolutely fascinating information on a little-known language!

* Arabic Language Wikipedia

* Rephaite Biblical Human Giants – Now THIS is interesting, the Biblical Giants race, known as Rephaite!

* Fox Business Network – I’m still yet to watch this, which sucks. I really would like to…

Table of Contents


* My entire Steam Collection of Videogames Via Steam – Explore all of the Steam games I own…. and marvel at how few of them I’ve played or installed! :O






* German Court Bans Male Circumcision – The cutting of the male penis foreskin has been outlawed in Germany, even if it is for religious reasons or health reasons, due to the shortterm painful injury inflicted on the infant when the male skin of the penis is cut. Hmmm.

* New Study On the Downsides of Teens, Tweens and Kids Using the Internet and Social Media – Despite the subject, the results were actually positive. As more kids prefer to talk to their friends in person than online or via text or other platforms. “According to the report, teens’ favorite way to communicate with their friends is by talking in person (49%), with texting next (33%) and social media a distant third (7%). Teens who prefer talking face-to-face say it’s because it’s more fun (38%), and they can better understand what people mean (29%). The telephone, a mainstay of teenage life just a generation ago, is virtually dead: Only 4% of teens prefer to talk on the phone.”




* How To Record Videogame Footage With Audio From Computer Using Speakers and Microphone – I found this link and used the information in it to help me set up a program to record what I was playing on my computer. This helped me in figuring out how to configure audio settings.

* Why Can’t I Record Steam Gameplay On My Computer Screen Using CamStudio – I was having programs with a free videogame recording software
called CamStudio which wouldn’t record the game I was playing using Valve’s Steam platform on my PC.

* Record Videogame Playing On PC Screen Using Free Program Bandicam – The huge drawback is that the free version only lets you record for a limit of ten minutes, which REALLY sucks and is not a long enough time to get much done in the game. However you can use a program like Windows Movie Maker to string several installments together into one video.


What I Read In JUNE 2012

Table of Contents

Last Updated: July 2, 2012 (Added the month of June 2012)


* 10 Reasons You Should Buy The Last Story For Wii – The Last Story is an outstanding looking Wii-exclusive RPG made by the guy who made Final Fantasy and the main Final Fantasy composer. Gamers finally convinced Nintendo (who teamed up with XSeed Games) to publish the game in America, as part of the Operation Rainfall phenomenon.
* No Hardware Revisions for 3DS – The 3DS will not be getting any hardware updates anytime soon, so says Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who says he likes the 3DS just as it is.


* Is China Building Up Its Military (Video)

* Sinkhole Swallows Bus In China (Video)

* Liberals Should Be Concerned About Losing the Election With Obama Says Geraldo Rivera (Video)

* Turkey Says Syria Shot Down Their Warplane

* Colin Powell Reflects on Endorsing President Obama Back In 2008 With Sean Hannity Interview – I love Colin Powell, people don’t come more respected.

* NBC Edits Romney Speech To Make Him Look Out of Touch – So what is new under the sun?


* Gay Activists Disrespect Former Republican Presidents With Photos Giving the Finger During Invite To White House – Despicable.



* Lyrics Video for Still Alive by Christian Metal Band Gideon


* The Social Web and Potential For Abuse Among Teens (Momster)

* The Teen, The Tweet and the Governor, A Cautionary Tale

* Is Texting Replacing Face-to-Face Conversation? – An interesting read. I find these types of stories to be quite fascinating subject matter. Although I do not think they are wholly true.

* 100 Classic Album Covers In Animated Form – Simply awesome.

* Jail Mugshots of Famous Musicians and Bands – Interesting.

* Radio Doomsday Hopes to Be Radio Station of the Apocalypse, Just Like in the Movies and Videogames… But For Real!

* Microsoft Unveils the Surface Tablet To Compete With iPad – Very interesting!

* 100 Great Photos of Military Tech In Action – Absolutely awesome photos. Plus a guy named Geno Romero like in Super Mario RPG!

* US Wins Supercomputing Crown Back With Fastest SuperComputer On Earth – Very interesting.

* Deep Sea Alien Craft Found? Swedish Scientists Study It – Holy crap!

* 1970s-launched NASA Voyager 1 Spacecraft Nears the End of Our Solar System! Will Soon Enter Uncharted Human Territory! – Sooo freakin’ insane! Blows your mind to think about… look how long it took for the spacecraft to reach that far! :O

* German Teen Solves 300-Year-Old Unsolvable Math Riddle Posed By Sir Isaac Newton! – :O *slow clap* That is pure madness!

* Porn Searches For Pics and Videos Remain Top Searches On Wikipedia – Holy CRAP I did not know you could find that many pornographic content on Wikipedia. :O



* George W Bush and Obama TOGETHER – Awesome photos of our current and past Presidents, appearing together at the official unveiling of George W. Bush’s White House Portrait.

* President Bush Visiting With Gerald Ford In 2006 at Age 93 Before His Death (Video) – Bush visited with the eldest living President in Gerald Ford, who finally died at the age of 93 in 2006. This made him the oldest living President, and this visit by President Bush, during which a photo was taken, was the final public photograph ever taken of former President Ford.

* Robert F Kennedy and Ronald Reagen Debate Video – A very interesting video showing both Robert Kennedy (Democrat) and Ronald Reagen (Republican) during a debate! I wish I was alive to have seen this! The video is from 1967!


* The Many Pivots of and Successful Business, How They Evolved to Succeed – Absolutely everyone should read this story! Very insightful!

* Guide To Safe Drinking Water – Everyone needs to read this. Especially to learn how bad Bottled Water is for us.


* President Gerald Ford

What I Read In MAY 2012

Table of Contents


Silent Hill Memories – An amazing fansite dedicated to all things Silent Hill! Including tons upon tons of free music!

Giantbomb PC Wiki Entry – A complete history with tons of information on the Personal Computer, how it began, and how it came to be the gaming machine it is today! Interesting!

The Top 10 NES Games You Should Play – This list is mostly created for those who have never played the original 8bit Nintendo system before… It’s a great list. Although I think most people have played many of these games.

9-Year-Old Girl Plays Left4Dead 2! – A funny video of a 9-year old girl playing Left 4 Dead 2!

* Geek Out Blog – A very interesting blog by a girl gamer.

* 5 Reasons Why Mom Hates That Her Son Is A Gamer – A very interesting article written by the above author on her blog, regarding her six year old son and his love for videogames. And the headache’s it causes to a young adult gamer parent… like getting your save games erased or your portables taken!

* Whine About Games Blog – Another very interesting blog by a female gamer.

* Roxio Videogame Capture Card

* Game Capture Device Reviews 2012 – A overview of the many new videogame capture and recording products on the market, what they contain, and what all of it means, as well as pricing details. A good article to read if you’re trying to learn how to record your videogame footage.


North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage

President Obama Disappointed With North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban Approval

Doctor’s Journey To Heaven and Back! (Video) – Absolutely fascinating!

Obama faces big challenges in 2012 election. Obama fails to fill whole stadium during speech. – Very interesting points by Karl Rove (I love this guy) who brings out TWO mini-white boards to show the many challenges Obama faces, among them is less enthusiasm among Democrats, the fact that more people are disenfranchised about finding work than not, and the fact that President Obama is 7 points behind where he was during the 2008 election against John McCain, and Mitt Romney is only one point behind where McCain was in 08. With 6 months to go before the big Presidential Election. The end result? The Republican are poised to win 6 of the states they need to win to regain control of the White House… only 6 states, and by current numbers, it could very well happen.

Gay Marriage Ban Brings Headaches For President Obama (Video)

Mitt Romney Interview on Hannity (Video)

Mitt Romney Slips A Bit In the Polls – May 16, 2012 (Fox News Video) – Mitt Romney slips some in the polls, particularly in Florida. Bad news, but he’ll surely recover given we still have six months till the November election.

* Sean Hannity Interviews Colin Powell (Fox News Video, May 23 2012) – Colin Powell talks to Sean about his support of President Obama, and why he, as a Republican, backed Obama in 2008. He also discusses the current political scene and the divisiveness within (but hey it could be worse, in the old days they had duels!) and much more. I love Colin Powell, and this is a fascinating interview. Buy his new book, It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership!

* Witnesses Changing Accounts of Trayvon Martin Case (Fox News Video)

* Why President Obama’s Gay Marriage Move Weighs Against His Re-Election – This fascinating article makes a VERY convincing case for why President Obama may have just lost his re-election by flipping on his support of gay marriage from against to vocally for. To quote: “The critical swing states of Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina, and possibly Pennsylvania, are now much more likely to be won by Mitt Romney in November. Why? Realizing the centrality of marriage to the well-being of children, the vibrancy of the economy, and the very nature of our culture, social conservatives are as passionate about preserving marriage as the West and East Coast cultural elites are about changing it – and there are a lot more of us between the two coasts.”

* MTV Pulls The Plug On Reality Show About People Losing Their Virginity – Wow. Pathetic. I hope there is a huge backlash against this stupid network.

* What the Medical Reports Of Trayvon and Zimmerman Tell Us that the Media Didn’t Inform Us About – Eye-opening. All those politicians who were in such great error need to apologize for their ignorant, pathetic remarks. As does the whole Black community and its civil rights leadership in general.

* Zimmerman Had Bloody Nose After Shooting Trayvon Martin, Blood On Head In Photo

* Nearly 200 Pages of Documents Released on Trayvon Martin Case

* Why Condoleezza Rice Could Change Everything For Mitt Romney’s Presidential Election Bid As Vice President – Oh man, I hope and PRAY that Mitt Romney selects Condeleezza Rice as Vice President! I LOOOVE Rice, and she is one of the people I most respect in all the world. If he selected her it would LITERALLY be a game changer. Btw the author of this article is Juan Williams, a liberal Democrat and African American himself.

* What Would A McCain Administration Have Done Differently Than President Obama Has Done Now? (Fox News, Greta Interview) – A very interesting interview with Arizona Senator John McCain on the state of the Afghanistan war and affairs in that country and ours, NATO, and what he would have done different (specifically) if he had been elected President over Barack Obama.


* Newt Gingrich Suspending Campaign Speech – A fantastic speech that puts in a nutshell everything I love about Newt Gingrich. It is such a shame that we won’t get to see this intelligent man become President. I hope that he will get a high place in President Romney’s cabinet however. If you’ve never watched Newt before, watch this speech all the way through and you’ll see what I see.

* John McCain Interview With ABC’s This Week From February 19th, 2012 – John McCain discusses what he thinks of remarks Rick Santorum made before he dropped out of the race, as well as his support for Mitt Romney, and why he visited Afghanistan.

* President Obama Signs Executive Order On Yemen to Protect Political Transition

* Ron Paul Win’s Minnesotta’s Delegates – Ron Paul wins a majority of delegates in the state of Minnesota, successfully taking on Mitt Romney!


* How Robert Downey Jr. Re-invented Himself Back to Success And What We Can Learn From It – A very interesting story about Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. and how he re-invented himself. He used to be a drug-addict and we nearly lost this great talent. However he re-invented his career with Iron Man and never looked back!

* The Avengers Surpasses $1 Billion Dollar Mark, 12th Movie of All Time To Do So! – The Avengers has DONE IT! The movie has made over $1 Billion world-wide, shattering records in the process! Whoo-hoo!

* Robert Downy Jr. Calls For Forgiveness of Close-Friend Mel Gibson – An article on how Robert defended Mel Gibson, who helped restore the star from his drug-addiction days and offered him the job that got Robert off his feet. While giving him a place to stay, food on the table, and advice on how to turn his career around.

* Is A New Beetlejuice Sequel Possible? – Director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp joke about it in an interview from the duo’s latest film, Dark Shadows.

* Robert Downey Jr. Interview, discusses Iron Man 3 and More (Youtube Video) – A really funny, interesting interview with Robert Downey Jr. pre-The Avengers, he discusses how he thinks the Iron Man 3 script is the best script he’s read in five years. And how Superhero films have come full circle to be some of the best, most dynamic and most deep and exciting modern films. He also talks about defending Mel Gibson, his close friend who he owes infinite debt of gratitude for saving him.

* Senator McCain Speech at Center for Strategic & International Studies (May 14, 2012) – A very interesting speech given by Senator John McCain of Arizona covering a wide range of issues. The main thrust deals with the Asia-Pacific region, but he also takes questions after his great speech and talks about a range of other countries and topics, including Free Trade Agreements, the rise of China, the threat of Iran, relations with Pakistan, India, Viatnam and others; and many other interesting topics. A great video.


* Masiyahu’s New Album Spark Seeker Coming July 17th, 2012! – Freakin’ awesome, I’m a big fan of Matisyahu and loved his album “Light”.

* The Screaming Truth Blog – A metalhead’s interesting blog on God, music and more.


Father in Washington State Killed Due to Craigslist Ad – A horrible story. A father was selling a diamond ring on Facebook. A lady showed interest, and he invited her over to their home because he thought she was trustworthy. Soon afterword, armed men burst in, tied up the whole family, and ended up shooting the father and killing him in front of the rest of the family. :( Puts an exclamation point on Craigslist and how dangerous it is to work with strangers. Remember to NEVER invite someone to your house. Remember that people will kill over anything. I’ve seen TV shows where they killed someone over $10 dollars. Always meet in a public place and take all the precautions you can. Never ASSUME anything or anyone is safe, no matter how innocent they seem. In this case the innocence was all a decoy. And it worked. Remember, as my boss used to say, “Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.” Now this dad is gone. All because he wanted to sell a diamond ring on Facebook. So sad. :( “All four suspects are in their twenties and include 3 men and 1 woman. They are charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and second-degree assault.”

New Obama Book Could Be Damaging to the President – This book tells Obama’s lifestory, and is written by a highly acclaimed author, the same one that broke the infidelity news about Bill Clinton! Unlike many previous Obama books, this is one President Obama can not ignore due to the pedigree of the author. To quote “The blogosphere is buzzing about a new biography on President Obama — “Barack Obama: The Story” — from the acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Maraniss. As POLITICO points out, Obama is “anxious” because Maraniss cannot be dismissed by White House staffers as a “cheap hack” or “fortune hunter.” They’re acutely aware of how serious he takes his work, and won’t soon forget the sexual revelations he unearthed in his 1995 tell-all biography of Bill Clinton, “First in His Class.” Very interesting.

African Man Shot By Police, Caught On Camera – This youtube video has over 4 million views, it’s not as gruesome as one would think, seeing someone get shot, in fact you can barely tell he got shot… Sad though. Although fighting with the police will do that to a person… big mistake.

How eReaders Have Taken the Embarrassment Out of Erotic Fiction – A very interesting article on the “ereader revolution” and how its opening the door to erotic fiction to those who would be too embarrassed to read physical romance books.

Let’s Talk About Death – A very interesting editorial on Death, and how more people need to become more aware of it in their own lives and those around them and become more comfortable talking about it. Instead of pretending like it’ll never come to them.

Short History of Playing Cards Article – Interesting, especially the part about kids putting old playing cards in the spokes of their bikes!

* Unlocked Treasures of the Heart Kickstarter Project – My and my dad’s Kickstarter Project, we’re trying to raise funds to get my dad’s life’s work of poetry, ballads, StorySongs and writings published!

* Bibelot Games – Bibelot Games who are doing an amazing Kickstarter Project to revive ancient boardgames!

* The Reliquary Collection Ancient Boardgames Kickstarter Project – An awesome Kickstarter Project that sets out to revive ancient boardgames that are thousands of years old, and update them for modern play in a very unique play form, with a leather gameboard that doubles as a pouch and high-end authentic materials like marble and wood playing pieces!

* Mark Grabowski XeeMe Page – A guy who helped me on Kickstater (Unlocked Treasures of the Heart), a friend of Angel’s. He was my first Backer!

* Very Interesting John Stossel Interview On Uncommon Knowledge – A very interesting interview with Fox News host John Stossel, formerly of ABC and winner of nineteen Emmy Awards and 5 Times Honored for Excellence In Consumer Reporting by the National Press Club. He talks about his new book “No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed” and discusses a wide range of interesting topics! Watch it!

* I’m Pissed At What Food American’s Most Eat – A very interesting, and very true, article, on the kinds of food Americans consume and the proceessed nature of it. I do disagree with him though, I know many people who have died younger and who lived vegetarian, “healthy” lifestyles, and people like my grandpa, an obese unhealthy man who never exercised for 50 years of his life and drunk four-to-six cans of soda a day and lived to be over 80. Living longer than many others who lived much healthier lives than he….




WordPress Posts vs Pages – An informative article discussing whether making Pages for your WordPress site is better or making Posts.

How to Add Posts to Pages in WordPress

Five Uncommon Ways to Use Youtube Delisted Videos

Online Writing Job – Definitely gonna apply to this today! Look into it yourself!

How to Create A WordPress Blog Website And Make Money Step By Step! – A very thorough and easy guide that tells you step-by-step with easy to understand, newb instructions on how to set up a WordPress website and immediately start growing it, putting ads on it, and making money!

BallotPedia – An amazing website that allows you to keep track and stay informed with what upcoming elections are being held in each U.S. state! I am just discovering this resource. Awesome stuff!

How to Invite Friends With Facebook Page – Helpful.

Why Can’t I Invite Friends With My Facebook Page? – Answers.

Easy-to-Use Windows Live Movie Maker Basics How-to Guide – Very, very helpful for a newb like me! If you don’t know how to use Windows Live Movie Maker, I urge you to watch this video to learn how! It’s very easy once you know the basics!

Become A Corel Partner

WordPress Premium Features – The Premium, paid features of WordPress’ blogging support.

Adsense Deluxe Program – A WordPress plugin you can download to put ads on your website to earn money.

Firefox Web-Developer Add-On – This very handy add-on for Firefox browsers allows you to download a special toolbar that contains Spam Detection tools. These include a “Disable” button that allows you to quickly disable JavaScript, alongside the “CSS Button” that allows you to quickly disable Cascading Style Sheets; and thus save yourself from a spam-filled webpage.

* How to Use Twitter To Grow Your Business (Youtube) – A video series on using Twitter to improve and grow your business, website, etc.

* Kicktraq – A website that allows Kickstarter creator’s access to various stats on their project!

* Utmost Christian Writers Poetry Community – A community of Christian writers and readers interested in all things poetry. To join this forum you must first email and present your interest and a little proof of your Christian beliefs, before you’ll be emailed a username and password to log in and join the community.

* Faith Writers Christian Community – A community of Jesus-believing Christian writers who come together to help each other write and gain exposure to the Christian industry, as well as tips on writing, contests, and much more. Free to join but features a paid section as well.

* How To Cut A Song Using Audacity Audio Program – This is a very straight-to-the-point video on how to use the audio program Audacity to simply cut a piece of a song out, which you may want to use when making videos with a program like Windows Movie Maker!


* Gandhi – The Wikipedia page about the man who brought Independence to India from British rule through non-violence and the bringing of different religions together for a common cause.


What I Read In April 2012

Last Updated: May 3rd, 2012 (New posts from last update marked with asterisk)

Table of Contents


Super Fighter Team New 2013 Super NES Game Interview With Developers (NintendoLife) – This game looks awesome. Very interesting!

Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapon Fusing Guide – Pretty complicated but insanely useful guide on how to figure out how to create any weapon you want in the game, using information gathered from a Japanese official guide!

Nintendo Games & System Sales March 2012 – Great to see the DS and games like Kid Icarus: Uprising and Xenoblade Chronicles doing so well!

The Top Sega Saturn Games

The Best Saturn Games

Real-life Zelda Chest

Aksys To Release Rising Star Games Titles In America – Awesome, more Japanese RPGs are headed our way!

OPERATION RAINFALL – If you haven’t participated in the Operation Rainfall campaign, you owe it to yourself to leap in and give these guys some of your time. Their main goal is to get Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower released in America. They’ve almost succeeded with only Pandora’s Tower remaining. However they have opened a website that will concentrate on getting other deserving games localized for American release as well. It’s a great cause and something every gamer should be following, especially if you’re a Japanese RPG fan!


GOP Discovers 17 TRILLION dollar funding game in Obamacare Bill Based On Obama’s Numbers (Fox Business) – Lou Dobbs discusses the new numbers disovered by the GOP on Obamacare’s 17 trillion unfunded liabilities discovery. That is NOT a typo. A must-watch video.

Judge Napolitano On Why Obamacare Will Be Struckdown (Opinion, Fox Business) – I’m not holding my breath, but hoping and praying. We will see…


Barack Obama and the End of the Progressive Movement (American Thinker) – Very interesting article, I encourage everyone to read it!

Ron Paul – I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party From Themselves (Face the Nation CBS Interview)

Judge In North Carolina Rules That 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Not Trumped By State of Emergency – Interesting, imagine if some of those robbed during Katrina would’ve had guns on them…


October Baby Director’s (Two Brothers) On Positive Films (Fox News Video) – Very interesting. I hope October Baby goes on to be a HUGE success and forces Hollywood’s hand on these type of films. If slasher and horror films can get made so easily, what’s stopping these films which more people will go see?

Why You Must See October Baby Editorial (Fox News)

October Baby Finds Gold At Box Office Despite Rejection By All Movie Studios (In Their Infinite Stupidity) (Fox News) – Gotta love it.

October Baby Is A Hit At the Box Office (Women of Grace Blog)

October Baby Official Site – A pro-life film that is turning heads and making a name for itself. Find out some about it, watch the trailer, and go support this awesome film! We need more like it! Plus it stars John Scneider, Clark’s dad from Smallville! :D Smallville is one of my favorite shows of all time!


Glenn On His Opposition to Newt, Breitbart on Glenn “He’s Dead To Me” – I love both of these guys, Glenn Beck and Breitbart, but could not disagree with them more.


Peace of Mind On Amazon – KJ-52’s Rockband on Amazon! They blend rock and rap music!

Sons of Intellect’s Insightful Comprehensions On Amazon – KJ-52’s debut album, his duo with Golden Child and their debut CD from 1997.

KJ-52’s Rare Mixtape for KJ-52 Television Album EP – Click the Download Now link to download this album via torrent!

KJ-52 & TC Present Soul Purpose by Soul Purpose – A link for KJ-52’s little-known side-project from 2004. Although this is a side-project, it is a rap CD, and a collaboration with Todd Collins aka T Cleezy on the beats. The band and their debut album (and only) was this “Soul Purpose” album. You can buy the album here.

KJ-52 Goldenchild Mixtape Download – This was released by KJ-52’s Podcast website, click the name to download the podcast. Or go here to see the page with the tracklist. The page reads (in case it gets taken down): “kj52/goldin child mixtape (zip file version) this version ha 1. Goldinchild commentary (2005) 2. Braveheart freestyle (2009) 3. I will never stop remix (2007) 4. Worldwide (1997) 5. Every city every block (2005) 6. Simplenfresh freestyle (2008) 7. Long road (2005) 8. Warriors from the mist (1997) 9. Cipha all stars (1998) ft. Suplanta, Imagine, Urban D 10. Things I like remix (2006) 11. Pass that mic (2005)”

Sons of Intellect “Insightful Comprehentions” Tracklist & Reviews.

KJ-52 Official Site Buy Sons of Intellect’s Insightful Comprehensions Re-release Hardcopy

The Bunny The Bear – Interesting band IMHO. One wears a bunny mask, the other a bear mask, and they rock pretty good.

Interview with LeCrae following his BET Cipher Performance ( – Awesome. Love this guy!

Cage Match: Demon Hunter Dead Flowers VS Brian Head Welch’s New Band Love & Death With Their Song Chemicals (Rock108 Radio Website) – Awesome matchup. Although they should NOT have picked a Demon Hunter ballad from Demon Hunter. They should’ve picked a heavier song like “Someone To Hate” from True Defiance. I voted for Head’s new band, they’re AWESOME and as I said in my Demon Hunter True Defiance review, I wasn’t a huge fan of Dead Flowers and still aren’t.

Article On LeCrae’s BET Cipher Performance

RedCord Records – A Christian heavy label that is the home of bands like Phinehas, Forerunner and Inhale Exhale. Hoping to review their new albums soon.

Phinehas Official Website – WEbsite for the awesome Christian metal band Phinehas and their major label debut album “thegodmachine” on RedCord Records.


Unmanned Drones Gain Popularity Among Hobbyists – Hmm

A Personal Trainer Gains Weight On Purpose To See What It Feels Like to Be Fat! – This is totally awesome and totally insane… very interesting. I can only imagine what it must be like for a skinny, fit person full of muscle to walk in the shoes of a fat person!

Bear Grylls Throws Fireball (Of Man vs Wild Fame). First Pitch At 2012 Dodgers Opening Game

Einstein’s God – An interesting article on Albert Einstein and the God he believed in.

How Big Data Is Changing Astronomy (Again) – A very interesting piece! I posted it on my facebook along with this:


Okie Dokie Lokie Banner From My Little Pony


The History of Phoenix, Arizona – How Do You Remember Phoenix? Memories of Longtime Residents! – A huge thread with over 500 pages of people giving their memories of Phoenix, including many old-timers from the old days!

Phoenix, Arizona Park and Rock Formation Pictures In History

Modern Phoenix, Arizona – The History of Phoenix and Sunnyslope In Pictures and Words

Abraham Lincoln and The Bible – Very, VERY interesting. I love this stuff!

John Adams Quote – “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Photograph Collection of J.R.R. Tolkien: His Life, Friends and Family! – VERY interesting!

Video Interview With J.R.R. Tolkien, Writer of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Part 2 – AWESOME! I absolutely love biographies and reading about people. Especially one as interested and smart as J.R.R. Tolken.


How to Start A Used Book Selling Business Using Ebay/, etc. – Okay this sound REALLY promising! I’m definitely going to do some more research into it!

How to Sell Books On Ebay – A guide giving you tips on how to sell books on ebay and make money doing it!

Understanding Sell-Through Rates to Make Money Selling On Ebay

How to Take Great Photos For Ebay Auctions

Tips On Posting to Craigslist

Alternatives For the Word Badass

Using iReach to Extend Audience of WordPress Blog – Gotta look into this.

What Are Watermarks in Music Files? Are They Good or Bad? – Arguments and counter-arguments regarding music file watermarks which take the place of DRM (Digital Rights Managements, that physically tries to prevent the file from being shared, whereas Watermarks simply embed information, perhaps even personal information about you, in the file, without restricting how you can use it. This allows the potential sharing of the file to be traced by the creator of the watermark, i.e. the recording company, RIAA, or label that paid to have the song you’re listening to created).

Best Online Site to Swap/Trade/Sell Games, Movies, CDs, Books, etc. #1
Best Online Site to Swap Games, Movies, CDs, Books, etc. – Information about Swaptree
Best Online Site to Swap/Trade CDs – Information about
Best Online Site to Swap/Trade/Sell Games, Movies, CDs, Books, etc. #4 – Glyde

How to Improve Your WordPress Comment System With AJAX

Busybtranslations – Do you need something translated from Spanish to English or English to Spanish, and need it done professionally? Then check out this website! – Do you need to trade in some media? If you got movies (Bluray or DVD), videogames, books or certain electronics to trade in, then this website is a good one to look into. They take out all the busywork of getting your item listed, and even send the envelope to trade the game to your house, so you don’t have to go to the post office (unlike with Amazon or Ebay, etc.). This website is a valuable place to sell stuff, and they pay you a very high amount, so give it a look!

Writing Jobs Found Online – This website offers links to jobs that will pay you to write!

How to Automate Your Way to a Successfull WordPress Blog That Will Earn You Cash – VERY interesting. Although I am not a fan of these kinds of spammy, unethical, integrity-less business practices. Even so, it may be something I’ll have to try sense I am so desperate for cash. Definitely not for a real website though like mine. Also you need some technical know-how, I don’t even know how to do everything he talks about in this video.

Health Demystified – An interesting website that lays health-related subjects out in a plain, somewhat crude, straight-up manner. Interesting.

How to Make A Video In Windows Movie Maker (Youtube) – A pretty generic, basic tutorial (just what I was looking for!) on Windows Movie Maker and how to use it. Just note that this is for the Windows XP version, so it’s an old video from 2006. Even so, I think it’ll help me tremendously learn how to use it. By jonjonbass

How to Get Started Making A Youtube Video – This video is actually pretty useless I thought, but even so she did an alright job and did answer some questions. Plus she’s a looker! ;) Video by pinkmacprincess.


La-Mulana – Highly anticipated PC and WiiWare game developed by Nicalis, the development team responsible for Cave Story.
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
Manafest (Christian Rapper)
Violin Instrument – History of the Violin!
John Adams – 2nd U.S. President, Founding Father (lawyer, statesman, diplomat, political theorist)
Malcolm X – Amazingly I never really knew who he was. Now I know. I was most surprised to learn that he and Martin Luthor King effectively hated each other and were on polar opposite ends of viewing the Civil Rights movement and religion. I didn’t even know Malcolm X was a Muslim!
Gordon Parks – Groundbreaking photographer during the Civil Rights Movement era. Knew Malcolm X.
Louis Farrakhan – Actually, I never knew about the rift between Farrakhan and Malcolm X either. Crazy stuff.
Elijah Muhammad – The mentor of Farrakhan.
The Nation of Islam – WOW. I never realized how absolutely diluted and blasphemous this lil cult is. Even Mormonism and Jehova’s Witness’ don’t go so far as to claim that their founder IS the Messiah. Although they come close, but I believe people like Joseph Smith were more seen as “prophets” than the literal Messiah. The Nation of Islam also claims it’s founder is the prophesied Mahdi of Islam! WOW. So someone came up with an organization that combines both Islam and Christianity into one… quite amazing. lol.
Suge Knight – The guy some believe killed Tupac.
Snoop Dogg
Dr. Dre – The Chronic – Dr. Dre’s first album.
KJ-52 – Christian white rapper KJ-52.
LeCrae – Christian rapper LeCrae, one of the biggest stars Christian rap has ever seen.
J.R.R. Tolkien Wikipedia – FASCINATING. I read the whole page. I never knew Tolkien was the one who got C.S. Lewis saved! I always figured it was the other way around!
C.S. Lewis – Equally as fascinating as Tolkien! Too bad no one has the foresight to record an interview with both of them together. Could you imagine? :(
Xenoblade Chronicles
The Last Story Wikipedia – Wii RPG and the second part of Operation Rainfall.
Pandora’s Tower

What I Read In March 2012

Table of Contents


These are stories from Fox or one of the Fox News or News Corp-related websites.

Beware of Christians – An article on the documentary film “Beware of Christians”, which is actually a Christian film.

Raquel Welch Says Americans Are All Sex Addicts, Blames Porn – Reports on an interview in Men’s Health with the statements from the 71-year old.

Man vs Wild Discontinued – “NOOOOOO” (My reaction to this story), Bear Grylls is out of work with the Discovery Channel after they axed him and his hit show, Man vs Wild (One of my favorites) after 7 seasons for the 37-year-old survivalist and ex-British soldier; all due to contract disputes. In some ways, I think its good that Grylls stood up to the executives, even though his show got axed. He should start a web series where he does the same essential thing.

Megyn Kelly on Bill O’Reilly Discussing Her Opposite View of Sandra Fluke – Megyn, whom I adore, appears on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly, and talks about how she went to law school as well, and how these people are the upper-echelons of society. While Sandra Fluke is complaining about not getting contraception paid for as part of health insurance, Megyn talks about how she, and many others in America, have NO insurance, much less contraception. And never asked that it be required. Especially someone at that level, who has more-than the means to pay for it themselves. Interesting. Includes video and transcript.

50 Shades of Grey – Unites Women, Divides Men – An editorial about the popular erotic BDSM thriller, a novel by E.L. James that is blowing up. It started as Twilight fanfiction apparently…

ABC should apologize to Christians regarding “GCB” (Good Christian Bitch) TV show based on novel – An editorial discussing the upcoming TV show and how ABC should not only cancel it, but issue an apology to Christians for it. I agree. Filth like this is pathetic.

Video: Soldier Surprises Son In Maryland – After coming home, this U.S. soldier sits behind his son in class without the son noticing him.

No Budget, No Pay Bill Hearing in Senate – The Senate is hearing ideas for bills that would cut funding to Congress if a budget isn’t passed, including one bill that would do just that called “No Budget, No Pay”. However the likelihood of it passing is a longshot, although several Congressman have supported the Congress taking a step in that direction.

Obama Approval Hits 41% Low After High of 50 (Politico)

Texas Man Pays Debt, Gets Beaten, Stripped – A man in Texas pays off a debt to two guys, who then beat, pistol whip, him, hit him with a frying pan in the head and strip him. The two suspects were caught.

John Stossel – The Orgy of Rule Making In America Must End – A very interesting editorial by John Stossel talking about how much damage big-government and endless rules and regulations have cost the USA.

The Highest-Grossing Fast Food Chains In America 2012 – A very interesting look at the Fast Food Chains that have made the Top 10 in profit.

Democrat View: Why I Still Support Barrack Obama by Gary Dorrien – An editorial about why this Democrat believes Barack Obama does not deserve the criticism he’s gotten and why Democrats need to rally by his side.

Native American Tribe In Wyoming Granted Permission to Kill Bald Eagles – A story on a Native American tribe that was granted permission to kill the protected American Bald Eagle, a first. The greater story hear though is how the tribe has been routinely kept from being granted permission, despite the fact that the government is supposed to grant it to them on religious grounds.

US Secretary Of Defense Says Truck On Runway Incident Wasn’t Aimed At Him (Fox News) – More importantly, Panetta stated the following: “We will not allow individual incidents to undermine our resolve to that mission,” he told Marines at Camp Leatherneck. “We will be tested, we will be challenged, we’ll be challenged by our enemy, we’ll be challenged by ourselves, we’ll be challenged by the hell of war itself. But none of that, none of that, must ever deter us from the mission that we must achieve.”

3 Year Old Fatally Shoots Himself With Fathers Gun in Car in Washington State – Tragic. :(

New Documents Show Bin Laden Desired to Kill President Obama and General David Petraeus – Newly unveiled documents taken from Bin Laden’s compound show that he had plans to attempt the killing of President Obama, coming to the conclusion that Joe Biden would be unfit to take over as Commander In Chief. And saying that General Petraeus was the “man of the hour” and it’d do much harm to the wars if he were taken out. Crazy stuff.

Former shamed Governor Rob Blagojevich Heads to Chicago Prison to Serve 14 Years – Justice, in some form, finally served. Good to see a corrupt politician face the light, even if others involved in the circle weren’t charged, it’s good to see someone get hit with the hammer. Even though I do think 14 years is too much.

Kony 2012 Co-Founder Arrested. Found Naked, Masturbating In Public… Said To Suffering Exhaustion, Dehydration and Malnutrition – Very odd.

U.S. Marines In Afghanistan Told to Lay Down Arms During Def. Secretary Panetta’s Speech – This is apparently unheard of and a first.

Pictures Comparing Miley Cyrus to A Young Britney Spears, Asking Which is More Sexualized – Very sad if you ask me.

Moroccan Girl Commits Suicide After Being Forced To Marry Rapist – It’s an Islamic Custom, what’s new? Sad reality.

Kelly Clarkson Backpadels on “Endorsing” Ron Paul, Says She Merely Likes Him – Why this type of thing is even reported on is beyond me.

Video: Israel Iron Dome Rocket Defense System In Action – A video showing the Iron Dome intercepting a rocket fired from Gaza by terrorists, and its caught on video! AWESOME!

Video: Newt Gingrich On Path to Nomination Post-Santorum Winning Alabama and Mississippi

Video: Bill Maher’s Attacks of Sarah Palin

Video: Crazy demon-possessed Flight Attendant Video – New pics, video and 911 phone calls of people on the flight with the crazy flight attendant who has mental issues and sounds demon-possessed. Chilling stuff, especially when she says her goal is to kill people.

Video: Undies Run At Arizona State University (ASU) In Jeopardy? – Shows off some of the people running in their underwear, and talks about whether the event will happen this year due to a fight that took place last year and other issues.

Video: Bill O’Reilly Talking Points Memo – Leftwing Media Blatantly Lying (MSNBC)

Video: Promo For New “UTB sport” That Uses Tazors and Big Soccer Ball – … This is like the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Of course it’s more about the drama between the players and being an “entertaining’ TV show than an actual sport.

Video: Rick Santorum’s War On Pornography – A segment taken from The Five, where they talk about Rick Santorum’s opposition to pornography and his stances on the issue; along with their implications. Awesome monologue from Greg Gutfeld on the matter as well.

Video: Bill O’Reilly Talking Points Memo On Obama Relaunching His Campaign – Obama has no less than five fundraisers in a day’s time and Bill takes Tom Hanks to task over his assessment of Obama in a campaign documentary (narrated by the veteran actor) by using the latest poll and approval/disapproval numbers of the President.

Video: Will A Brokered Convention Break the Republican Party? – Observations from Mike Huckabee on the possibilities, real or not, of a Brokered Convention, wherein a Presidential nominee or percieved frontrunner doesn’t get the necessary delegate numbers to earn the nomination from his party to face Barack Obama in November, and thus a whole new ballgame goes into effect where anything can happen, and anyone could be chosen as the nominee.

Video: The Spain Festival of Fire – A look at a VERY cool festival in Spain full of lights, sculptures and fire. Communities build elaborate wooden sculptures that are ritually burned to signify a Catholic cleansing to honor a Catholic Saint, who would torch the excess wood that he no longer needed to warm himself, the wood the carpenter would hang his lamp on. As the days got warmer going into Spring. Something like that. Either way this video has some incredible images.

Video: Businesses Warn of Inflation Spikes – Debate on inflation this year.

Video: Man Skydives From “The Edge of Space”! – Freakin’ INCREDIBLE video! A guy is going to attempt to skydive from 14 miles above the earth, that’s at 35,000 feet! Breaking the speed of sound! During test runs from lower altitudes he fell over 36,000 miles per hour! :O He’ll free fall for over 5 minutes. Here’s an idea of how high he is jumping from. Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain peak in the world, is 29,000 ft up. An average jumbo jet flies at 35,000 feet. This guy is going to JUMP from 120,000 ft!!!!!!! It’s 75 below zero at that altitude, a guy who holds the previous skydiving record is in his 80s and on the team who is helping this guy!

Video: 3 in 10 Young Adults between 25 and 34 Living At Home; Highest Record In Decades – More college-age kids in their 20s and early 30s (like myself and all of my siblings) are living with their parents. In addition, 45%, nearly half, of 18-year olds also don’t have their driver’s license. Very interesting discussion with Mike Huckabee. He also talks about more and more kids are getting married in their 30s, unheard of in previous generations.

Video: Empirical Evidence of New York Times Double Standard Pro-Islam, Against Christianity – A very interesting piece showing how the New York Times rejected an anti-Islamic ad, but ran a full-paged anti-Catholic ad; even when the Islamic ad used the exact same wording, and template as the article they accepted, but substituting Catholicism with facts about Islam. They then discuss this with the writer of the ad, author Pamela Geller of the bestselling book Stop the Islamization of America.

Donald Trump on Barack Obama’s “Disastrous” Energy Policy and His Using a Boeing 747 To Campaign, Costing Taxpayers Greatly – Very, very interesting discussion from Donald Trump on Obama’s lack of intelligence when it comes to the economy and China, on Mitt Romney’s presidential prospects, on how he thinks Rick Santorum can’t win and is hurting Republican’s chances of defeating Obama, and much more.


Canning – An article on how to can vegetables and fruit that you grow yourself! Soo awesome. This comes from the Glenn Beck TV show Independence U.S.A.


Will Cardon For Senate from Arizona (replacing John Kyl, running against Jeff Flake) – He looks like a good guy. Need to find out more about him.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (Rasmussen) – March 14th – For the fifth time in six days, Mitt Romney leads President Obama in a hypothetical general election matchup. Today’s numbers show Romney at 46% and the president at 44%. If Rick Santorum is the GOP nominee, the president is up by a point, 45% to 44%. Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). Today’s numbers are based upon interviews completed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before last night’s victories for Santorum in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries were reported. New polling shows that Romney leads big in California, while the GOP race is close in Texas. Overall, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) at least somewhat disapprove.

What If Bush Had Done That? by Politico – A really interesting editorial that looks at the backlash President George W. Bush would’ve recieved had he taken some of the steps President Obama has. Really interesting and so true.

Sarah Palin On the New “Breitbart Is Here” Movement – Very interesting piece. I have much respect for Sarah Palin and still adore her.

Obama’s Revealing Comments to Russian Prime Minister – Hmmmm.

Editorial From Putin On Russia’s “Democracy” (Washington Post) – Very interesting.

Why Is President Obama Betting On Putin? (The Open-mic controversy) (Washington Post) – Why indeed.

Obama Once Visited 60’s Radicals (Politico) – Article on Obama’s connections to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.


History of Nintendo – Game & Watch (NintendoLife) – An article on the awesome “History of Nintendo” series by videogame specialty company Pix’N Love.

Pix’N Love Publishing Website for History of Nintendo – Game & Watch Book

Cheap Ass Gamer Trade-In Value Tracker Tool! – This AMAZING tool allows you to type the name into the box, and then find out how much trade-in credit you will get for trading in your game via Blockbuster or GameStop (select the store from the drop-down menu). This is a great resource to compare the value of your game with how much you will get in credit from another store like Amazon, Best Buy or what have you. A date on the game you are searching for tells you the last time someone updated the tool with current info on how much the game is worth at GameStop or Blockbuster, and will help you determine how reliable that info is.

Goozex Videogame and Movie Trading Service – Goozex is a pretty amazing trade-in site that I’ve heavily used. At Goozex, you can trade in movies or videogames and earn points. You can then use those points to purchase a game that someone else is offering for trade. That person then sends the game you have requested. Once you receive the game, you mark so on the website, and the other person receives their points. Goozex basically works as a middleman instead of trading directly. The only real catch is that you need to purchase a trade “token” (which costs $1.50) before you can make trades. So you’ll need some immediate cash onhand via your debit card or whatnot or have a stock of tokens purchased previously before you can make trades. Goozex is also more recommended for building your collection of old games than for newer titles, although you can also get newer games. Newer games fetch higher credit than older titles, and are more sought after. Although sometimes you can still get a ton of points for an old title. Definitely give this service a look.

GamesTZ – GameTZ (or “Game Traderz” as I call it. It really stands for “Trading Zone”) is a highly regarded trading service built by a community of average videogame fans. Using this website, there is absolutely NO middleman, and although it is a videogame site, users can trade whatever they damn well please using this site. So you can mix movies, music CDs, books, manga, whatever you want. Terms of a trade are entirely negotiated by users, who trust that the other person will send what they request in good face. The site relies on user-feedback to determine who the most trusted traders are, but ultimately you’re taking somewhat more of a risk. Although bad trades can and do happen on both sites. You can even ask for cash, and you can request certain titles or build up a list of what you are willing to trade and looking for traders for.

Backloggery – Backloggery is a really unique and great service built solely for videogame players. The service has the sole-purpose of allowing gamers to keep track of games they have yet to beat, so that they can systematically go through them and finish all the games they want to finish for each system. This website though is valuable because it has the best Videogame Collection service available. That’s because users are able to literally write-in whatever they want and then choose the system that game they own is for, instead of having to hassle with a database that may not have the exact entry you are searching for (or maybe you want to add more info to the title). The website is even stylized really neatly as if the site itself is a videogame, with sections named after your “Memory Card” or “Multitap” (you can tell it was made in the PS1/PS2-era :P) and the homepage even features the websites “instruction manual”. This is a really neat site, I urge you to check it out and give my own Backloggery a look to see my full videogame collection. :)

Oh Sleeper “Stand Your Ground” iPhone Game Released! – Oh Sleeper has released an iPhone game! You read that correctly! This is the first videogame the Christian metal band has ever released, and the first time their label, Solid State Records, has ever tried anything like this. The game is a sidescrolling beat’em up and is promised to be a fully fledged title. It is out now for $3 and even features 8-bit renditions of Oh Sleeper songs off their newest album, Children Of Fire, that was released last September 6th, 2011! Be sure to pick this up!

Operation Moonfall – The official website and movement attempting to convince Nintendo to re-release The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, similar to Ocarina of Time 3D.

Operation Rainfall – The videogame movement to convince Nintendo to release Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower in America. Successful with the first two, the movement has now spawned a website dedicated to raising awareness of niche titles, in hope that publishers will release them for English speakers. – An EarthBound community/movement that has been going strong for nearly two decades, and has done everything in their power to convince Nintendo to localize the entire Mother series, including re-releasing EarthBound for SNES in an official form. To this day they’ve seen no results, but their word has been heard… even by Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Wii Fit, etc.) himself.

This Generation’s Must-Play RPGs – An indepth article by Game Informer on the “must play RPGs” of this console generation, including Xenoblade Chronicles!


U.S. Mint Stops Production of $1 Coins – The U.S. Mint will stop making the $1 Presidential Coin series after the Coins sit unused and unwanted in warehouses. FOR SHAME. I got several of the Presidential dollar series, I hope they reverse this decision. Also includes interesting comments of people discussing fading out the $1 bill in favor of these existing $1 Coins.

Republican Celebrities List – A list of 30 celebrities that are Republicans, lean that way, or have supported/voted for Conservatives or their causes/campaigns.

Bridal Gown Breaks World Record – An insane bridal gown that’s essentially three miles long! CRAZY.

FIRST EVER DOUBLE-BARRELED PISTOL! – And this thing is REAL! Freakin’ awesome. I’ve never seen a trailer for a gun before lol. Funny stuff, but an awesome trailer.

Trayvon Martin and Media/Civil Rights Movement Hypocrisy – Very interesting article. And completely true.

Angelina Jolie – The Face of An Angel, the Heart of a Demon (InfoWars) – A highly threatening-ly toned article about Angie’s disturbing past and how it ties into her present worldview and life decisions. It’s an interesting read, although the author is much to irrationally hateful.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center Freedom Collection


Unity For Free – Unity is a videogame development tool, get it free for Android or Apple iOS while you still can! (Ends April 8th 2012)

Free Dine-In Movie AMC Theaters With Regular Ticket Purchase (Phoenix, AZ Esplanade 14 Theater), Valid Only In March 2012

How to Customize Facebook Timeline Cover Photo (CNet)

How to Block A Sender’s Email In Gmail – This link tells you how to create a Filter that blocks all of the email from a certain sender! Very useful.

My Top 10 Methods To Make Money Online (

Become A Personal Fitness Trainer, Resources

How to Donate Blood For Money (ehow)

Booksneeze – A website that allows you to sign up and receive free Christian books, novels, Bibles, literature, etc. in exchange for your review! Look forward to seeing some of my reviews from this website posted here.

Voltage, Konami PR firm – Want to review Konami titles? Try emailing these guys.

How To Make Money Online #1 – Infobarrel website
How to Make Money Online #2

How To Cancel A Sold Item On Ebay


Satan (SA†AN) Free Tracks – Free music tracks that you can listen to from the Breakcore metal band Satan. Yes I am a Christian. Yes I like Satan. No that is not a contradiction. :P In all seriousness, the music is really awesome from this band and unlike anything I’ve heard before. It can be Satanic in the artwork and some of the horror themes (girls screaming, etc.) but otherwise its nothing to fear. I think the music is pretty awesome. The guy is Russian. I would assume he may actually be a Satanist although I’m not sure if this is true or not. Songs include: Grave Poetry, Necrotype, You Was My Favorite Corpse, Sin Flesh Sick Flesh, Hell’s Kitchen, Sick Generation, Death After Death, Your Soul Is No More, The Birth of Evil and Because I’m Dead.

Mega Man X: Maverick Rising Album – A tribute to the fantastic Mega Man X series, with over four hours of amazing remixes from the entire franchise, in this free-to-download “four-disc” set from OC Remix!

12 Stones Beneath the Scars – New album by 12 Stones, which releases on May 22, 2012!

Solid State Record’s News Homepage – Check back here often to see news on upcoming releases from the best label in Christian metal! (IMHO)


I read tons and tons of stuff on Wikipedia. It’s a real great way to educate yourself on subjects you know little about, or to get a refresher course on a subject. Things I have been reading about on Wiki will be posted here.

South Park
iHero Jesus Rock Opera – An “rock opera” play/DVD that features lots of Christian artists like Michael Tait, Rebecca St. James and Tbone. It was released as a CD, DVD, trilogy of novels and comic series.
Bone-Appetit! – Christian Hispanic rapper T-Bone’s latest album from 2007. It’s a Greatest Hits that also includes rare songs and fan favorites.
12 Stones – Rock band, started out as a Christian rock band.
Oh Sleeper – Solid State metal band similar to August Burns Red, and equally as great.


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2 responses to “Good Reads, Useful Links, Interesting Stories From Around the Web

  1. Sean Breslin

    March 14, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    This is a great page…a mini-Drudge Report of sorts! Nicely done!

    • astro64th

      March 14, 2012 at 4:24 pm

      Thanks man I greatly appreciate that! I think it’ll be a pretty interesting resource covering a multitude of topics since I read all kinds of stuff. It’s already pretty large and this is my first day of adding what I read to it. lol.


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