Song Video of the Day: Hounds of Love By Eivor Music Video

20 Mar

Eivor Hounds of Love

Hounds of Love Kate Bush cover by Eivor. Absolutely beautiful.

Hounds Of Love by Eivør is a song that will blow your socks off if you are not familiar with it! Before you watch this music video though, be sure to check out Eivor – Trollabundin which will redefine your very concept of music and depth in simplicity!

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Hounds of Love is a completely different beast from Trollabundin, but it is just as beautiful and mesmerizing. Eivor also shows a grace and power behind her singing that is really unparalleled. It really proves how great she is IMHO.

The song is a cover of a Kate Bush song, of which I am not familiar. I don’t even know who Kate Bush is…. I’ve yet to check out the original, but whether you’ve heard it or not, you are likely to be impressed by Eivor’s take on it. One commenter on youtube pointed out how much of a tragedy it is that Eivor isn’t an award-winner like Adele. I couldn’t agree more!

Enjoy. :) And leave a comment letting me know what you think!


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