Happy Easter! Photo of the Day – Finger Cross Girls

08 Apr

Happy Easter 2012 Finger Cross

Absolutely beautiful picture. :)

Happy Easter and Passover to all my Christian brothers out there and everyone else as well! Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by attending a church service and do some charity giving if you have the means.

Get into the spirit of the holiday as well by wishing everyone you come into contact with a Happy Easter, coloring Easter Eggs and hiding them for kids or your friends or family to find, and of course, buying lots of candy or small gifts and putting it into Easter Baskets to give to kids. Easter is always a great, fun, festive and meaningful holiday.

Easter Basket Full of Candy!

Oh how I loved those days of getting Easter baskets sitting on my bed when I woke up, made by my mother. I miss those youthful days.

Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. While all the candy, bunny rabbits, Easter Eggs and festive spirit makes us happy, it is our trust in our Father and His love that is the true gift.

Christians are secure knowing that Heaven is their destination when they die; because Jesus said He is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one gets to the Father but through me.” Jesus also tells us that our Salvation is secure and can never be taken away, as only God Himself can judge the heart of a person.

Beautiful Easter Eggs!

Ahhh I loved to color Easter Eggs and then hide them for my siblings to find. Can't wait to do so with my child someday.

Christians do not fear death, because we have eternal life given to us freely by Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that Salvation is a free gift, “thus none can boast”. Salvation in Christ cannot be bought, it cannot be earned, it cannot be rewarded, it is given freely to any and ALL that will accept Him as their Lord and Savior; no matter who they are.

Jesus Inside Easter Egg 2012

Easter, celebrating the resurrected Christ! Totally awesome picture!

No matter what religion they practice. No matter how rich or poor, no matter how successful or not, no matter what race, creed, sect or language they speak. It takes no more, and no less, but faith in Christ to become a child of God.

Here is a great speech by Billy Graham, speaking of the triumphant message that Jesus Christ gave to all who would hear His words and accept that they are Truth, the Way and the Life.

Jesus Eggs In Basket For Easter 2012

So cute and awesome! Easter Eggs colored with letters that spell Jesus!

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