TV Show Review: Gilmore Girls Episode 2, Season One – The Lorelais’ First Day At Chilton

27 Apr

Gilmore Girls Fuzzy Clock Didn't Pur Episode 2 Season 1 Screenshot

"It's fuzzy... it purs".... The alarm clock didn't pur on time... now Rory is late for school!

This second episode of Gilmore Girls (Season 1) is an absolutely fantastic episode. As funny and great as the Gilmore Girls Pilot Episode was, I think this episode is even better. It is absolutely packed to the gills with hilarious and funny moments throughout the entire episode.

Here we get introduced to Rory’s new school… the advanced, private, prestigious preparatory High School Chilton… which will be the stepping stone to getting into Harvard College. However the amazement of starting off Rory’s new life the “right way” takes a turn for the worst when Lorelai (her mom) oversleeps. Making matters worse, “laundry day” was never fulfilled and thus Lorelai is forced to wear her only good clothes… an outfit that makes her look like “that chick from The Dukes of Hazzard” :P Hilarity, naturally, ensues.

Gilmore Girls Dukes of Hazzard Screenshot

"*sighs* Laundry Day"... Poor Lorelai, the day just keeps getting better and better! "I look like that chick from the Dukes of Hazzard!"

This episode introduces us to a lot of new characters. We have Hanlon Charleston (i.e. “Headmaster Charleston”, the principle guy who runs the school), we meet Jackson, Sookie’s vegetable delivery boy, and we meet three principle new female characters; those who play the “mean girls” clique at Rory’s school, they are: Madeline, Louise and Paris… We also meet another potential future love interest for Rory, a boy bully named “Triston”. Further love boils in the air as well for Lorelai from a new guy who gets a bit of screen time, a fellow named Ian Jack (blink and you’ll miss his name) who is a “Chilton Dad”…. he’s gonna have to work hard if he wants at Lorelai, who doesn’t want to disrupt Rory’s new school life by dating someone who has a student there. Ian helps her and Rory find their way to the Principle’s office when they get lost.

Gilmore Girls Mean Girls Screenshot (Paris, Madeline, Louise) and Rory in Episode 1 (Season 1)

Dem piercing eyes... The mean girls trio of (from left) Paris, Madeline, and Louise.

This episode gives a lot more screen time to Emily (Rory’s grandma) as well, and we get some interesting conversations between her and Lorelai; as Emily tries to buy her way into her granddaughters heart… in a manner that pushes Lorelai’s buttons.

We’re also introduced to a few of the neighbors, including Babette and Mory, a strange cat-lady and her even stranger shades-wearing husband. Babbette: “They kicked the gnome.” Loreleigh: “They… what?” Babette: “They kicked the gnome! Right in the head!” Mory: “That’s just not cool.” Babbette: “I’d be careful with these ones Lorelaigh. Gnome kicking says a lot about a man’s character.” Classic stuff.

Babette and Mory from Gilmore Girls Gnome Kicking in Episode 1 (Season 1)

...Cool cats Babbette (left) and Mory (right) explaining how Gnome kicking says a lot about a man's character to Lorelai. Mory: "That's just not cool."

Another character introduced is Kirk, who plays the village “worker guy” in various odd roles…. in this introductory episode he is known as “Mick” and plays the cable company guy who magically appears at Lorelai’s house to instal the “DSL” that Lorelai never ordered (orchestrated by Emily of course). He will end up becoming a recurring character and eventually turn into a loveable oddball villager and one of the shows stars named “Kirk”. Who will provide much of the shows weird comedy relief.

The principle story scenes in this episode though are mostly between Rory and Paris. Paris rolls with two other girls who are the elitist, popular, powerful girls at the school. Louise is the sexy, innuendo-loving Marilyn Monroe-type, Louise is the glamorous yet ditzy one, and Paris is the smart, mean, not-as-pretty, do-anything-to-succeed leader of the bunch. The cliche of the “mean girls” seems totally dumb on its face and you’ll quickly roll your eyes, but these characters are acted extremely well; and the annoyance of the cliche dissipates as we start seeing them in action and watching them interact with Rory.

Kirk as Mick the Cable Guy In Gilmore Girls Episode 1 Screenshot (Season 1)

....Kirk is Mick the Cable Guy, here to install the DSL Lorelai didn't order. "We would've been done by now but ....the frog search put us behind." Black dude "It wasn't a frog it was a turtle." Lorelai "I don't understand...I didn't order a DSL."

From the jump Paris is directly opposed to Rory and seeks to make her school life miserable, due to the fact that Rory is a great student and is majoring in journalism… which Paris defines as her turf, especially since Paris’ runs the school paper. Paris wants to be the valedictorian and will stop at nothing to keep Rory from even having a shot at it or getting on the school paper.

Things get much worse for Rory though when she accidentally bumps into Paris in the school hallway while trying to pry her locker open… in the process knocking Paris’ school project out of her hands; crashing it to the floor and into a million busted pieces.

Rory Breaks Paris' School Project On Accident (Screenshot of Episode 1 Season 1)

...The exact moment when the shit gets real. Rory accident wrecks Paris' school project... and all Paris sees is red. Worst day of Rory's young life? Quite possibly.

As you’d expect, the rift deepens and the wound grows ever wider as Rory at first tries to defend the anger-fueled Paris by explaining to the teacher that she [Rory] wrecked Paris’ project (and thus Paris isn’t at fault for not having the project finished), while Paris wants nothing to do with Rory and rejects her gestures of help with gusto.

When Rory proceeds to get angry in turn and starts answering all the teacher’s questions before Paris can get to them, a revenge plotline is seemingly set in motion. You can see a lot of plotines will be developing here, but everything is handled with aplomb and acted to the t.

Sexy Louise Gilmore Girls Screenshot

The sexy and deviously wicked Louise. "Ooo a Dixie Chick... Rory? Nice stripper name."

Overall I found these scenes with Rory and the bully girls and the rest of the school moments, to be very enjoyable watch. Especially because you get to see all the different emotions Rory goes through, from innocence to anger to determination to sorrow to embarrassment to conviction to boldness…. and every shade in between.

In particular Rory’s cute, innocence naivete, as many of the other kids prey on her, is fun to watch; in particular from the boy named Triston, who has eyes on Rory at all times and calls her by the name “Mary”… much to Rory’s discontent. Why in the heck is everyone calling her “Mary” even though they know her name is “Rory”? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

Triston Gilmore Girls Episode 2 (Season 1). The Weasel

...Triston has the hots for Rory... with all eyes on her pants, he tries to weasel & force his way on her innocent, virgin self in the hallway. Her reactions are priceless.

While Rory continues to have a rough day, Lorelaigh does as well following the dress incident, which the whole town seems to notice. And more clashing of personalities is in order on the mother’s side as Emily shows up unexpectedly in the principle’s office… turns out she’s great friends with the Principle… naturally. Since Lorelai isn’t expecting this turn of events, and is forced to disrobe and reveal her slutty outfit in front of Headmaster Charleston at her mother’s insistence, the tension is escalated a hundred fold. In particular because her “Dixie Chick” outfit was not planned, yet only reinforces Lorelai’s shameless lack of manners and proper parenting in the eyes of her mother.

Thus, as you’d expect, the funny bickering between the two is layered strong all the way throughout the rest of the episode following the disrobbing debacle. In particular the scenes where Emily is discussing how, in Lorelai’s eyes, she is allowed to pay for Rory’s school, but is not allowed to actually step on the premises, are hilarious. Emily: “Even though my doctor is just down the road, I guess I’ll have to ask for permission there as well even if I’m bleeding from the head.”

Emily and Lorelai The Battle Rages On Gilmore Girls Episode 2 Screenshot

.........The sparks fly as Emily & Lorelai continue to clash. Emily: "I can pay for her schooling but can't step on the premises... Guess I'll have to ask for permission even if I'm bleeding from the head."

The palpable frustration in Lorelai’s eyes and the way the rough and disastrous nature of the events swirling and crashing all around the girls continues to escalate as the day goes on is really well played in this episode. That combined with the witty and intelligent writing and outstanding acting keep you glued to the set throughout the entirety and really helps to develop each of these characters and make you feel for them in a real and substantial way.

Overall, this is an excellent episode and I laughed out loud throughout the whole thing. You are reminded why this show is so great, because this episode is simply hilarious and so expertly written and acted. I already wanna re-watch it and that bodes extremely well for a show!

Gilmore Girls Lorelai Frustration Screenshot - No Spurs Please (Episode 2 Season 1)

And the frustration boils over. Emily: "Dinner Friday night, no spurs please." Lorelai: "Arrrrgggghhhh!"

You can buy Gilmore Girls Season One on Amazon (Instant Steaming $33) or buy Gilmore Girls Season One on iTunes ($35 Instant Steaming) or can buy Gilmore Girls Episode 2: The Lorelai’s First Day at Chilton on Amazon (Instant Streaming $2) or on iTunes in individual episode form. You can also stream it on Netflix if you have a Netflix subscription.

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