Andy Rooney On eBooks and eReaders… Physical vs digital (Kindle, Nook, etc.)

02 May

Andy Rooney ebooks

Andry Rooney loved his books!

What did the late-great Andy Rooney think of the eBook revolution and the end of the book era?

Of course, the eReader has grown immensely popular since Andy’s death, and continues to grow to this day; although Andy passed away only last year, so the 92-year- old got to see a lot of where the modern day-and-age was headed… this from someone who wrote tons of books on a 1920s typewriter!

Thankfully for all of us though, ebooks have yet to replace physical books… and I don’t think they ever will. I think like the various means of getting digital movies, music and videogames, the two can and will coincide together in peaceful harmony, but more and more books will be available digital and some digital-only. Given that it is so much easier, cheaper and more convenient to go digital.

Now check out Andy Rooney on the Kindle, Nook, eReaders and the Digital Book revolution!

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