Poes You Missed In Zelda: Twilight Princess (My Experience)

05 May

Poe Souls Appear In Zelda: Twilight Princess, Haunting the Night

Search for Poe Ghosts in Zelda: Twilight Princess! 60 total, they only appear at night. Sense as Wolf Link.

I missed some Poes, what are the most missed Poe Souls/Poe Spirits in the game? How do I find missed Poes? All very good questions, and all are questions I was asking myself.

Searching for the ghosts or “Poe Spirits” in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is one HELL of an ordeal. There are 60 Poe Souls to find total, and you can only search for them at night. Sadly, unlike in Ocarina of Time (and a huge oversight in my opinion) there is NO WAY to command the Sun to go down and make time into night in Twilight Princess… and (you guessed it), Poes can ONLY BE FOUND at night. Which means if it’s daytime or night is just about to end, you gotta wait a whole real-world 10 minutes or so for time to pass and turn into night. HELLA ANNOYING. In order to hunt a Poe you must turn into Wolf Link and use your Sense (Pressing Right or Left on the DPad) in order to see the Poe and target it. Hit it twice and you’ll be given the option to dive in and rip it’s heart out! AWESOME.

These Poes are very deviously hidden and can be hidden literally ANYWHERE. That includes inside of dungeons, inside of buildings, outside of buildings in the field, on top of structures, within challenge rooms, inside caves, deep inside dungeons and everywhere else. A ton of them will be found without even looking, and five of them you get automatically. Adding insult to injury, the game will NOT tell you which Poes you have missed, which Poes you haven’t found, or where to locate them. There is NO Poe Chart… this is maddening because no two people will find the exact same Poes in the same order, making it hard to follow a guide and find the ones you missed. Unless you have a great memory and a good description of the Poe being shown and are completely sure you got it.

This means that you may have to retrace your steps through all SIXTY freakin’ Poe locations in the game to find say, one, three, or eight that you missed. For me it was 9, as I found 51 by the end of the game on my own without using a guide…. Leaving NINE left to find.

So what are the Poes you likely missed? Here are the ones I MISSED. Hopefully this will help some other peeps out there.

Fanart Poe Ghost in Zelda: Twilight Princess

Poe Soul With Lantern drawn by Ga1anti of DeviantArt. Awesome artwork!

There are TONS of Poes to find in the desert, and believe it or not this is where I found THREE whole Poes that I had missed. One of them is located behind from where you warp to at the Gerudo Mesa location. Keep going until you find a circle of bones and that’s where the Poe will be hiding. A second one is located on the narrow part of the map that divides the bottom half from the Arbiter’s ground/enemy fortress of the top half. The path branches as you are climbing up and goes left or right, where you’ll find some rocks and spinning enemies. Look around here for a Poe you likely didn’t get. The last one I didn’t find is found within the Goblin fortress before the Arbiter’s grounds. Head into an enclosed structure and you’ll see the Poe in there!

There are a lot of other Poes to find in this Desert, for example near where the Goblin place with the fences and the boars you need to ride is, you’ll find a dead tree that you can Clawshot to an upper area. There will be a Poe here. However once you kill it, use your Sense and dig in the soft soil, and you’ll find yourself in an underground area with lots of rocks and two more Poes! You can break the rocks by using your Ball & Chain Weapon or use Bombs. I already got all three of these in my game however. :)

This Poe Soul would be really tough to find if you didn’t happen to do exactly what you need to do the few times you are in the Graveyard to make this Poe appear. If this is a Poe you missed, then it’s virtually impossible to find on your own, as few people are going to think to recheck the Graveyard and push a grave… it’s more likely you may have thought of pushing a grave to make a Poe appear when you were first exploring the Graveyard in Kakariko however. As it makes sense if you think about it. But the fact that the Poe only appears from ONE grave makes it less likely to be found. I think even I had pushed a few graves, but only a few, thus I didn’t find this one. To get this Poe, go into the Graveyard located at Kakariko Village, and push the first gravestone you see on your left from the entrance. Out a Poe will pop! Wow. I never would’ve found this one. :/

Okay, you are probably like me, and you remember getting at least one Poe in Snowpeak. As such, I went here to check anyway, confident that I had gotten the Poes I missed, if I did miss any. I balked at this, cause I SWORE I got one… well apparently there are two, because near the very top of Snowpeak (after you go up the collapsed avalanche and up a few platforms) I found a Poe by the tree that was ALIVE. I swear I remember combing through Snowpeak at night searching for Poes. And at first I thought I just saw the glowing white wolves in the distance and that I was mistaken, that there WASN’T actually a Poe up there. How wrong I was. I’m really glad I checked. And that’s the moral of the Poe story. Maybe I didn’t save when I got it last time? Even if you are positive you got the Poe, search again. Just to be sure. So if you haven’t searched Snowpeak, DO IT. There’s lots of Poes here.

Additionally, there are several other Poe Ghosts in Snowpeak and in the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon that you probably missed. The most common and easily missible one that virtually NO ONE will find (and another I missed), is located at the foot of the race with Yeta. Race him and purposefully win or lose. You will then be at the proper section to get this Poe. Turn around from the Yeti’s and head backwards towards the race track, you’ll immediately sink into the snow a bit and have difficulty walking. Keep trucking for a bit through the snow (you can’t turn into a Wolf because the Yeti’ will see you) until you get to a mountain where you can see that a narrow strip of snow-covered land you can walk on swirls around it. This is where you need to head. Follow that path around the mountain until you make it to the top! If you had a sharp eye, you would’ve noticed that you can see the top of this mountain as you are racing towards the finish line during the Yeti race. At the top lies this hard-to-find POE! Remember that it must be NIGHT to find Poes.

The other Poe you may have missed from here is located in the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon. Go into the ruins and you’ll notice Suits of Armor that line the entrance. Bust them up using your Ball & Chain Weapon. Hit them once and they’ll collapse, hit them again and they’ll poof. Inside one you’ll find a Poe. Another Poe is impossible to miss, hovering near the Suits of Armor in the middle of the entrance hall (in between the pictures you slide down or around there). That one you probably found. There’s another located in the dungeon as well. Select your map and look at the 2nd floor. There are two iced over rooms, one on the bottom right and one on the bottom left. Head to the one on the bottom left. If you are on the right side, as you are going down the path that swirls (and leads back to floor one), you should have opened a pathway that leads straight across by pushing the blocks if you completed this dungeon, allowing you to easily go from the right side to the left, where you need to be. Once you get into the proper room, use your Ball & Chain to break the wall of ice and you’ll see a stone wall alcove that looks like a well. The Poe should be in here if you didn’t get him already while making your way through the Dungeon.

— I’ll add to this list as I go through to find the rest of the Poes I missed, but these videos shows you where all the Poe Locations are! —

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – All Poe Locations Part 1

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – All Poe Locations Part 2

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