Andy Rooney’s Funniest Video – Andy Rooney On Computers, Bill Gates, Off Being On (Start) and Typewriters

09 May

I hate computers art. Girl shooting monitor. Do you hate computers?

Many people hate computers for the headaches they cause. Do you?

Andy Rooney’s funniest video is Computers, Bill Gates and Typewriters in my humble opinion. This clip is just absolutely outstanding, hilarious and awesome.

It’s so funny in fact that I went and got my parents immediately after watching it the first time, and they had a rip-roaring laugh in reaction to this priceless 60 Minutes piece. I later showed it to the rest of my family.

The late, great, late 80-year-old Andy Rooney talks about the difficulty of writing on computers, and how that compares to the many, many books he wrote on his 1920s typewriter. He then goes on a hilarious tirade on all the crazy things computers and early Windows Operating Systems require you to do… such as having you “stop” or “turn-off” the computer by clicking… “Start”. Hahahahaha. I love it.

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