Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly Wii Edition (Project Zero 2) Coming to America? Game Is Europe-bound

09 May

Fatal Frame 2 Wallpaper of Mio & Mayu Sexy Sisters

The sexy sisters Mio and Mayu in Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly wallpaper.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly – Wii Edition may come to America, and hopefully it will, but so far Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (as the game is known in Japan and Europe) is only coming to Europe and not to the United States.

The Fatal Frame series are horror games set in haunted locals where ghosts, gouls and evil spirits of all kinds haunt the game world, and the player must capture them using a special demonic camera… the games play much like Resident Evil, although are more similar to Silent Hill in the way the games play on your mind with psychological horror. Making good use of the ghosts that appear to make you feel like you are seeing things and like a haunted enemy could appear in front of you or around the corner at any time.

Fatal Frame 2 Wii Edition Gameplay

Exploring a creepy village in this Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition gameplay screenshot.

Jump thrills and eerie, creepy appearances of specters abound, and overall the games are considered to be some of the scariest games of all time. In particular Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, in part due to the innocent nature of the game’s twin underage girls who star as the protagonists in the title… and the way the plot deals with the second sister becoming possessed while they are in a dark forest.

With Rising Star Games recently launching a U.S. arm however, and a growing crescendo of voices calling for the release of Pandora’s Tower in America (the third and final Wii RPG of a critically acclaimed trio without a U.S. release), the possibility that Fatal Frame 2 Wii will get an American release seems likely.

Fatal Frame 2 Sisters Wallpaper

Beautiful glowing butterflies Fatal Frame 2 wallpaper. Haunting but pretty image, isn’t it?

In particular thanks to Nintendo’s lack of high-quality, triple-A Wii titles to tide people over until the eventual launch of the Wii U (which all signs point to hitting this year) at which point the original Wii will be all-but obsolete… thus Nintendo would be wise to pick up and release Fatal Frame 2 Wii since the game is so critically acclaimed and such a beloved cult-classic. Especially since the Fatal Frame games have yet to be digitally re-released, which means many people who didn’t play the originals likely still have not played them.

Quite frankly, the Wii could use another game like this (and hopefully Nintendo will come to their senses and release Fatal Frame IV in America too while they’re at it, while its still possible). We’ll likely learn whether or not the game will come to America at all though during E3 2012 (June 5-7).

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly was originally released for the PlayStation 2 as the sequel to the original Fatal Frame (2001: PS2, Xbox) and was released later on for the original Xbox in a Director’s Cut edition. A third entry in the series, Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented was released in 2005 exclusively for PS2 on last-gen consoles. Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (2008) was created as a Wii-exclusive, although sadly the game was never localized after receiving bad review scores in Japan….

Here’s a trailer for Fatal Frame IV for Wii.

Well it looks like Tecmo wanted to give another shot at Fatal Frame on Wii, because that’s exactly what we get with Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition. In additional to providing all the survival horror, ghost-seeking thrills of the original game. This new version includes some new features, including: updated graphics, redesigned main characters, all-new endings, a Wii Pointer-controlled Flashlight, a new third-person camera viewpoint and an all-new multiplayer Haunted House mode, in which plays experience fear through random events as a group, and their “fear meter” is determined at the end. Er, something like that.

Either way, this is a very cool addition to the Wii’s lineup, and it’s always great to see a Fatal Frame game get the spotlight. I am and have always been a big fan of the survival horror genre, and always had an affinity for the Fatal Frame series ever since I played the original game for the original Xbox. Hopefully this new Wii version of Fatal Frame 2 will also contain all the additions from the Director’s Cut Xbox1 version of the original game.

Project Zero 2 – Wii Edition will be released in Europe on June 29th, 2012, exclusively for Wii.

Here’s a trailer for Fatal Frame 2 – Wii Edition.


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