Song Video of the Day – Infected By 12 Stones (From Upcoming Album Beneath the Scars)

15 May

12 Stones Infected LyricsNew 12 Stones song Infected is a headbanger that can hang with the best of them, and offers some absolutely fantastic lyrics.

The song also goes well with the whole zombie-apocalypse hysteria that has gripped the entertainment world recently, with many calling for “Infected” to be used in an episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” zombie TV show series.

Infected though also returns 12 Stones to a lyrical style that is more intune with their Christian roots, which will come as a pleasant surprise for longtime listeners of the band, who went in a more mainstream direction since their debut self-titled album in 2002.

12 Stones and their new “Beneath the Scars” album will be released on May 22nd, 2012 on the EMG label, and marks the bands 4th full-length album since their 2002 debut. Which is crazy, seems like they had more albums than that. Their debut self-titled album dropped in 2002, with their Sophomore effort, Potter’s Field, hitting in 2004 and their previous album, Anthem for the Underdog, dropping in 2007.

Now give a look at “Infected” by 12 Stones, and head out to pre-order 12 Stones Beneath the Scars! You can also pre-order 12 Stones Beneath the Scars Bundle packs with other goodies.

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