Album Review: Celestial Progression By Becoming the Archetype (Remix Album)

21 May

Celestial Progression Wallpaper

The cover artwork for Celestial Progression, a new remix album by Becoming the Archetype.

Be warned headbangers, Becoming the Archetype’s remix album Celestial Progression is sure to disappoint if you go into the album thinking of metal bliss and expecting to headbang to some awesome remixes. Awesome this album ain’t.

What you get instead are extremely lowkey, slow, techno-style remixes that don’t impress in the slightest with the amazing source material that the remixers were given to play around with. I cannot put into words how disappointed I am with this album. There is so much cool stuff that could’ve been done with such an amazing and diverse work as Celestial Completion… is any of that put to good use here? Nope. I feel like any of these songs could’ve been made by a fan. Like something you’d find by some 12 year old that’s good at remixing and uploaded to youtube. This is the type of stuff you’d expect to hear on a remix site like “OC Remix”, not a professional release from a major label.

Basically the remixes have taken all of the edge out of Becoming the Archetype… and what you get are subpar remixes that attempt to take Becoming into a very slow direction. They’re not necessarily bad or horrible or anything, they’re just… there. Unimpressively. You keep waiting for something awesome to happen… And then it doesn’t. Very, very sad. At least this is just a filler as BtA gears up for their next REAL album with their all-new vocalist; but I believe this album will leave a bad taste in the mouth of fans, and will whet the appetite of absolutely NO ONE. “Fail”. *cries*

Now let’s go through “Celestial Progression” track-by-track, these opinions mark my INITIAL LISTEN, as I wrote this review as I listened to the album for the first time.

Song #1. Breathing Liquid (Born of Water Remix) (4:13)
This song starts off extremely slow… and that slowness is carried throughout the song. This song was really disappointing to me, as I was expecting the album to start off with a bang, and something that sounded really cool. And I don’t believe that Breathing Liquid (a very cool name) fits that criteria. Although the first “wubbing” part with Jason Wisdom’s awesome vocals is definitely a high point. The song is a remix of the final track from Celestial Completion, called “Breathing Light”, and uses vocals from the song throughout. I really disliked the singing portion and how it was remixed here… of course Breathing Light is one of my least favorite tracks on Celestial Completion (it’s the one I skip the most), so maybe that has something to do with it. But overall I just found this track to be lacking and nothing special. It feels like your average techno-style remix.

Song #2. We Ride (Giant Robot Remix) (2:40)
This song starts off with a slow remix of the main chorus from “Beam of Light” (My FAVORITE song from Celestial Progression), however I’m just not a fan of the way the vocals are generally mixed in this album… There is no punch to them, and they are kinda muddled. Once again, I was expecting something fast-paced or cool sounding, and this Giant Robot remix doesn’t deliver at all, and in fact goes in the opposite direction. Which to me seems like a huge wasted opportunity for such a badass song as Beam of Light… This was another subpar song IMHO.

Song #3. Invisible Sitar (Giant Robot Remix) (4:12)
Now THIS is what I’m talking about! This song starts out with a very cool sounding, slight remix of the “Invisible Creature” interlude track from Celestial Completion that plays before “Cardiac Rebellion”. It’s a really Egyptian sounding song, like something you’d expect to hear in Aladdin with a Cobra snake tempter. Basically this same tune plays throughout the song, and even plays as vocals from the “Requiem Aeternam” trilogy from Celestial Completion are overlaid over it (a VERY cool touch!). Once again this isn’t exactly what I was hoping to hear on this album, but this song is leagues ahead of the other two and sounds pretty sweet simply because the Egyptian tune is such an awesome one. The song changes the tune and adds enough to it to stretch it out throughout the track without it becoming too tiresome or repetitive, although you will think that for a bit as you realize that the same tune is extended through the WHOLE song. But either way this is definitely the single STANDOUT track so far. Even then I wouldn’t say this track is necessarily anything special.

Song #4. Elemental Bond (Giant Robot Remix) (3:22)
This song starts out with a remix of … some music I recognize but can’t quite place at the moment. It has a kinda cool, operatic sound to it… however once again it’s pretty slow and too laid back… and the same tune is played throughout. It’s a great tune, so the track isn’t a whole loss. But it just feels like it doesn’t do enough with it… This track doesn’t feature any vocals, which was surprising. Another disappointing track IMHO. I’m sensing a trend. :(

Song #5. Space Refraction (Giant Robot Remix) (3:15)
This song opens with a pretty cool intro, with the main tune of “Reflect/Refract” from Celestial Completion being played over some Castlevania-style music, which slows down considerably for a piano section. This song is saved thanks to the fact that it replays some of the coolest bits of Reflect/Refract, although once again it kinda has that muddled sound to it which is somewhat annoying. This would have to be my second favorite track, simply because it has a cooler sound than any of the other songs so far and does an alright job by using some of the great instrumental sections of the source song. No vocals on this track once again…

Song #6. Magnetic World (Giant Robot Remix) (4:04)
This song is a remix of “Magnetic Sky”, starting off with “The final chapter, has already been written, the story has already… been told” sung line from Celestial Completion while then transitioning into a very slow piano piece. This remix has a kinda emotional feel to it and the music does move you, but the lyrics don’t really fit to this music… you can see what they were going for though. And this feels like a better thought out song than the previous remixes, with a real theme to it, a sad theme, that carries the song throughout. It does a good job of it, and I think this will be one of the few tracks that you will go back and listen to again after you finish the album. Especially near the end, the track really layers on the somber tone. This is a definite HIGHLIGHT, but not an impressive song. Much like the entire album.

In the end, I cannot recommend this album to anyone. It’s, quite simply, as average as they come. There are no real standout tracks, and it only has SIX of them. I feel like most people will be entirely disappointed by this album… although if you go into it knowing what to expect, you may be able to get some enjoyment out of it. As for me, I’ll pretend it never existed and twiddle my thumbs some more until Becoming the Archetype returns to the scene with their next metal album.

Score: 5 out of 10 Stars (Completely and utterly average).

Becoming the Archetype is among my top three favorite bands of all time, including Demon Hunter and The Showdown, all bands from Solid State. Despite the low review scores of this album, all of Becoming the Archetype’s albums are incredible and I urge you to pick all of them up, you will NOT be disappointed! The first album you should pick up is the absolutely awe-inspiring Dichotomy, which is one of the greatest Christian albums ever made in my humble opinion!

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