Andy Rooney On A Woman U.S. President And Why We Haven’t Had One. Plus, Are Women Smarter and Nicer Than Men? What Countries Have Women Presidents?

21 May

Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton

Condi with Hillary…. and Angelina Jolie. Don’t ask. But three of the most powerful woman in the world together!

Why has the United States never had a woman President? Andy Rooney ponders that question in this installment of 60 Minutes, where he goes into some of the reasons why America has never had a female chief executive.

Which, just as Andy says, is quite strange when you really think about it. Considering how many women there are in the US, and the fact that more women vote than men. Andy also talks about the prison population in the United States, and the fact that only 7% of inmates in America are girls or women.

Are women smarter than men are? Are they more capable? Is the average woman better educated than a man? As of 2005, more women did graduate from college than men… Is it because women think that a woman is not capable of leading the country as much as a man is? Why out of 300 million Americans has a women never been chosen for the Presidency?

I find it sad too that Andy Rooney’s liberal philosophy keeps him from naming some of the extremely capable women that would’ve made great Presidents, the top pick for me who has always been Condoleezza Rice (and remains so). Hillary Clinton has also always been the obvious one, but he doesn’t name her either.

So what countries have had woman Presidents? Quite a few actually, more than I thought:

Margeret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of Britain no less than three times.

Other countries with Woman Presidents As of 2005 Included:
* Argentina
* Iceland
* The Phillipines
* Nicaragua
* Ecuador
* Findland
* Liberia
* Chile

And of course, in modern times, Germany’s all-powerful Angelia Merkel.

Here is Andy Rooney on A Woman US President:

What do you think about the Woman President issue, would you ever vote for a Woman President? Who would your choice be right now? Do you think Hillary Clinton would’ve defeated John McCain to succeed George W. Bush if Barack Obama had not stolen the election from her?

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