Andy Rooney On Lists and Magazines

26 May

Top 10 Lists Sell

Make anything a “Top 10” and you are surely to get more eyeballs. Lists, lists, lists!

Lists lists lists. Editors discovered a long time ago that if you put something in a list… People will be intrigued enough to read it, even if they normally would not care about the topic. Why?

Because people are naturally more intrigued to simply see what’s on the list, what order its compiled in and how what it contains is listed. Everyone wants to know what was selected as number 1, and what was given last place. Why? Because most people will naturally disagree with the list, and they want to see how the list would compare with their own results.

The Yahoo frontpage and that of many other website homepages is a great example of how this little trick works and works well. People are often so upset with the list and disagree with it so much, that they comment on the article. Thus handing the people who composed the list a double-win. Not only did you take the time out of your busy day to READ the list and increase their numbers and viewership, but you also COMMENTED on their article. Spurring even more discussion and virtually ensuring that the article will be read by even more people (people tend to click on articles with high comment counts, more comments also raises the pages google and search engine ratings, ensuring it gets more exposure).

The moral of the story? Whenever you see lists compiled, especially if its by a publication you disagree with, despise, or think is unworthy to be read, RESIST THE URGE to read the list they’ve made. This can be a hard thing to accomplish, but every little part you do helps. By reading and especially by commenting, even if its a negative comment to tell these people how little they know, you’ve just handed them the victory!

In this funny piece, the late, great, Andy Rooney discusses the magazines of 1996, and how each and every cover seems to be full of nonsensical “lists”, ranging from the “20 Most Fascinating Women Politicians” to “33 Ways To Simplify Your Life” to “Answers to the 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Orgasm”.

Admit it… You would’ve picked up and read a few of these if you came across them right? Sad, sad reality… just like “sex sells”, “lists sell” is a new term, and one that is still being implemented on a daily basis throughout the Internets. One reason why IGN started getting so much hate… and yet I’d be willing to bet that their viewership increased…. People love lists…..

Here is Andy Rooney On Lists and Magazines:

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