Tamarisk Breezes Unlocked Treasures Studio StorySong Sample

26 May

Tamarisk Trees In the Canyon of Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright not my own.

Thanks to the photographer for this amazing picture of Tamarisk Trees in the canyons of Arizona.

Tamarisk Breezes is a new song written by MyDad and will be included in the book we hope to publish as 1 of 30 literary pieces from the vaults of Unlocked Treasures Studio, where 100 more songs just like this one reside.

Tamarisk Breezes was composed by my dad this April and is thus one of the newer pieces that he has written. He was inspired to write it by the Tamarisk Trees and Cottonwoods that used to line the canals of Phoenix, Arizona during the early years as he was growing up in the 60s. It is a beautiful, grand, majestic piece that will surely pique your interest and shows off my dad’s literary skill, written in his unique style. Enjoy! :)


Through the mist…of yester years
Flash traces of faded Heroes… golden laurels
Reflected in Times… windswept mirror
Echoing Concertos…of Triumphs and sorrows

The wind blows… symphonic rhapsodies
It’s enchanting breezes sing along
Through old Cottonwood and Tamarisk Trees
Serenaded by voices…of fore-fathers gone
Long..long before…this troubadour’s song

On majestic mountain…carved in stone
Faces staring…from our past
Heroic patriots… stand alone
Where ancient warriors shadows cast
And the winds of time…caressed their songs
Where now… tourists stand and gaze in awe

The same wind… that’s blown across the earth
Carried voices… from Parthenon and Acropolis
Cooled the brows of builders… of pyramids
And lifted cries of slaves…whose lives were lived
For kings and pharaohs… dreams and whims
That have long dust

Armies endless wars
Countless killed settle scores
Empires rise and empires fall
To trumpet clarion call

Voices of humanity
Voices throughout history
Courageous moral..or evil disdain
Mankind’s fruitless oral refrains
Swept up.. and carried away like leaves
Through the annals..of jaded centuries
Faded vapors.. on ageless breeze

Leaving monuments..made by man
Ancient Masterpieces..colossuems
Marble statues..great stacked blocks of stone
Silently standing..hollow..alone
Empires that their own display
All are gone..swept away
By the winds of time
Massive granite… crumbling clay

Oh wind that blew on Adam’s cheek
And tousled the locks of fair Eve’s hair
You heard the first words..that man did speak
And when he walked with were there
Gently blowing… on God and man
The fragrance of creation
Oceans and land

Blowing down.. through the ages
Gusting through.. mankind’s deeds
Lifting voices..turning pages
Answering only to God
Creator of humanity

Man..The great taker..the user
The great builder..the abuser
Patting himself on his own back
Folding his arms ..puffing his chest
Arrogant..he knows not.. what he lacks
Full of pride..full of self
Saying..behold..I am better than the rest

The old story..does not change
But it doesn’t have to be the same

Oh wind ..that blew on Adam’s cheek
Caressing words..that men speak
Fluttering through.. every generation
On their journey.. to their destination

Ashes to ashes..dust to dust
Everything passes..everything must
But Gods’ Love.. is for Eternity
His Savior set humans free
Let His Love.. blow in your heart
Come into the Light.. out of the dark

Through the mist..of yester years
Flash traces of Gods golden Chorales
Reflecting Love.. in Time’s windswept mirror
Ah..but Eternal folly..history’s bell tolls clear
Ringing gilded Concertos…of triumphs and sorrows

The wind blows.. melodic symphonies
Its enchanting breezes sing along
Through old Cottonwood and Tamarisk Trees
Serenaded by voices.. of fore-fathers gone
Long…long before..this troubadour’s song

Copyright April 2012
UnLocked Treasures Studio
S. E. R.
All Rights Reserved

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