Mr. Winston (A Dog’s Tale) Unlocked Treasures Studio StorySong Sample

27 May

Mr. Winston the Puppy

Mr. Winston may look nice and innocent, but DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Mr. Winston (A Dog’s Tale) is a new song written by MyDad and will be included in the book we hope to publish as 1 of 30 literary pieces from the vaults of Unlocked Treasures Studio, where 100 more songs just like this one reside.

This song is really a comedic piece, and is quite hilarious if I must say so myself. The pictures we took of our new pup (who inspired this song), also fit SOOO perfectly with the words my dad wrote. Dad had a lot of fun with this piece, and I’m sure you will too. :)


Hey ! Mister Winston…wha’d you do with my shoe ?

Now…Listen Winston…I know ya like ta …Chew
It seems ta satisfy your jitters…from being such a rube

So I’m asking you kindly
Hey! Mister Winston…wha’d you do with my shoe?

Running round the house…like a crazy mouse
With all that curly hair…tail wagging every where
Chewings on your mind…anything you find… will do
Tell me.. Winston…who lit your little puppy fuse…

I know Buddy and Bella…would never act like you
Oh…There gonna put ya… in the Winstonion news
Right on the front cover…with my missing shoe

No no…don’t do this…uh uh… don’t do that
Better watch out…for Lilly.. the bossy cat
Jumping-n- rolling…sliding-n- flowing…all over the room
Chubby little Winston…ya got my heart in a swoon
Dragging dirty clothes…prancing to your own tune
Using my boxer shorts …for a broom

Ya know..Mr. Winston
Not Sammy not Chelsea…not Sheba not Kelly
Heck! Not even Beau would ever…do like you do

Come Read all about it…in the puppy dog News
How a chubby little cubby…chews up our shoes

Mr. Winston the Pup, the Embodiment Of Evil

Mr. Winston the Puppy… The Embodiment of Evil Manifest.

Hes curly…hes fuzzy…hes happy.. hes tubby

And I think..He might be smarter… than the average dude
Cause when hes sleeping…we say lovely
Forgetting crazy puppy antics…he puts us through

Mom bathes him in the kitchen sink
Even happy little puppies… can kinda stink
All wet..acting like a fradey cat
Mom dries em with a fluffy towel
And wraps his a hoodie like hat

Big sad eyes …and a mopey face
Mr. Winston…cocks his head and contemplates
Another round…of the Winston race
Where he trots around…like a snorting bull
In the world where puppies…think they rule

Well.. the latest report… on the Winstonion News
Says…worn out man…can’t find his shoe

Now Winston..I know ya like ta…Chew
It seems ta satisfy your jitters…from being such a rube
And since all them other dogs…once were puppies… just like you
I’m gonna ask ya kindly…and use the Golden Rule
Mister Winston !
Wha’d you do with my shoe !???

Copyright May 2012
UnLocked Treasures Studio
S.E. R.
All Rights Reserved

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