Andy Rooney On His Critics

01 Jun

Haters Gonna Hate

Haters ALWAYS gonna hate.

In this funny little installment of Andy Rooney On 60 Minutes, the late-great 90-year old Andy answers some of his critics, and general people sending him mail… some of which is negative.

There are some good pointers in this piece about life in general and about being successful. For example, in response to some of the critics and hate-mail Andy received on a daily basis while he was still alive last year, he says that if he ever listened or paid attention to much of it, he would never speak on TV again.

You really MUST avoid people who criticize you and don’t allow them to get to you or stop you from doing what you want to be doing. People are quick to judge and quick to criticize, and will only grow in it the more outspoken you are and the more you put yourself out there and don’t care what people think. That doesn’t mean that you immediately dismiss what other people say, simply acknowledge it, take constructive criticism where you can, and move on. Don’t allow it to linger, as that negative energy does not do you any good. And Lord knows there is much more where that came from, so why pay it much mind?

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