Dead Space 3 Gameplay Video Debut Co-Op Campaign EA E3 2012 Conference Demo Stage Footage. E3 2012 Trailer

04 Jun

Dead Space 3 Boss Gameplay Campaign Co-Op Screenshot

Boss gameplay of the campaign online co-op in Dead Space 3! Hell yeah!

Dead Space 3 opened up the Electronic Arts E3 2012 show with a bang! Just as you’d exepct, Visceral Games next-installment in the survival horror, spine-chilling action franchise was definitely a star of E3’s conference.

The biggest new addition to Dead Space 3 is, without a doubt, co-op campaign play! Hop with a friend online and make your way through the campaign as you team up to take on massive bosses. In this case, the first challenge is a gigantic drill, that you and your partner must battle with your weapons by freezing it, shooting it, and fighting off the Necromorph enemies that attack you from every side of the enclosed circular arena.

From there, the demo heads to the snowy outdoors in a beautiful environment with an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous sunrise/sunset where you must team up as a duo to take on a HUGE, insect like boss with pinchers on both sides and a weakspot in the middle.

It is here that some action elements come into play, as Isaac takes cover and rolls out of harms way. Although that part definitely looked extremely lacking compared to many other modern games.

Either way you shake it, Dead Space 3 is shaping up to be another hit in the outstanding horror series that players know and love!

Here is the Dead Space 3 Debut Gameplay E3 2012 EA Stage Demo Campaign Footage


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