Halo 4 Single Player Campaign E3 2012 Microsoft Conference Gameplay Video Footage Impresses

04 Jun

Halo 4 Campaign Forerunner Screenshot (Xbox 360)

The awesome Forerunner LightRifle from this Halo 4 gameplay screenshot from E3 2012 for Xbox 360!

Halo 4 made a big splash at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Pre-E3 2012 Press Conference, just as you’d expect, and the show opened up with Halo 4 cutscenes (including an amazing live-action set piece) and, for the first time ever, single-player campaign GAMEPLAY footage!

What we saw dropped jaws. I am NOT a Halo fan, and this looked mighty, MIGHTY impressive. The graphical flourish was higher than anything we’ve yet seen, the gameplay just looks flatout FUN. Everything Master Chief did had impact and PUNCH to it. The new machine enemies are cooler than anything we’ve ever seen before in a Halo game, and everything looked polished to the T. All new Forerunner weapons are also shown off including the LightRifle!

I didn’t know what to expect from Halo 4, not being a fan. And I walked away kicking myself for not being into Halo!

Check out the first Halo 4 Campaign Gameplay footage from E3 2012!

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