Quote of the Day – If Satan Can Defeat You In Your Thoughts, Then He Can Defeat You Anywhere Else As Well

04 Jun

Put on the Full Armor of God and Prepare for Mental War

Life is a mental war. Do you have the Spiritual weapons to win the battle?

“If Satan can defeat you in your thoughts then he can defeat you anywhere else as well.” – Joyce Meyers

As the Bible states, the war of our life is not against flesh and blood… but against principalities, powers, and the dark rulers of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

A key to living a successful Christian walk, one that I am far, far, FAR from mastering myself, is the ability to not allow those demonic forces to get a grip on your thought life. If Satan can defeat you in your thoughts, if Satan can bring you down, make you into a depressed, angry, bitter, or pessimistic person, then you have lost the battle… And he has won the war.

We must fight against this with our own spiritual weapons, those of prayer, of Biblical encouragement and brotherhood with our fellow Christians, by encouraging words and deeds that serve something greater than our own self-interests. By doing what you can to fend of negativity with positive speaking based on Biblical teaching, and by saturating yourself, even when you don’t feel like it or don’t want to, with the Word of God and messages from fellow believers. Ultimately winning the battle of the mind, is where the real war from within is won. And Jesus Christ can be your only rock in the midst of turmoil. Stand on Him, take on his light yolk and easy burden, and you are guaranteed victory.


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