Resident Evil 6 E3 2012 Microsoft Conference Leon Campaign Gameplay Demo of Zombies In the City, Close-Quarters, Door Opening Sequences and Epic Set Pieces

04 Jun

Resident Evil 6 Door Opening Leon Screenshot

Door opening sequences return in Resident Evil 6! Updated for modern form, what could be behind this door?

Resident Evil 6 Leon single-player campaign gameplay footage made a splash at Microsoft’s E3 2012 Press Conference where the producers of Capcom’s latest epic showed off a ton of new footage for this incredible evolution and returning-to-the-roots reboot of the Resident Evil franchise.

What we got to see here are some amazing set-pieces that are done in blockbuster movie style, mixed up with an insanely wide-variety of gameplay situations, from up-close combat and executions to all-manner of gunplay, exploration and zombie-slaying in a manner that is closer to how the classic Resident Evil games felt, while keeping the intense third-person shooter action of Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 6 Zombie Attack Leon Screenshot

A zombie brutally attacks Leonin Resident Evil 6! Rotate that control stick to get him off ya!

All kinds of awesome stuff is on display. We get to see the wide range of movement that players now have access too. They can sidle up against walls, slowly peek around corners, and even open doors with one hand… as Leon does so the camera zooms in close as the door opens… a definite shoutout to the beloved-yet-hated “Door Opening Sequences” of Resident Evil’s past! And a very, very cool new feature.

But what really impressed were the action sequences and the diversity of combat that Leon engages in across the whole of the demo. All kinds of insane moves are at the players disposal. We see Leon shooting up zombies (who move more like the zombies of Resident Evil’s past, except a bit quicker akin to recent games) and watch as individual pieces of flesh and limbs fall off them. We see Leon toss a grenade at a horde of zombies blocking his path in a hallway bottleneck get exploding with individual zombie chunks flying at the screen. We watch as Leon takes an axe and swings it in quick fashion to slice the head clean off a zombie. We see a zombie attack Leon and Leon literally smash the zombie’s face-in with his fist! At one point Leon even dual-wields pistols to do some major damage to the enemies nearby.

The most glaring difference here is just how fast and fluid the game now plays. Leon rushes behind cover, attacks enemies in quick, brutal and varied ways, and even runs through the environment and automatically picks up dropped ammo by the player hammering on the Right Trigger to pick it up as he runs! No more stopping to stoop down and pick up ammo! And the player must use all manner of context sensitive button presses to put the hurt on and defend himself, from rotating the control stick to jamming on buttons.

The demo ends with a setpiece bang as Leon and a girl who looks like Claire (but isn’t… apparently. I think her name is Helena?) run through the ruins of a street as a massive fireball explodes behind him. The player must then run towards the camera, avoiding crashed, crashing and on-fire cars as they try to escape the flame raging behind them. They then jump into a helicopter only to get ANOTHER surprise.

Here is the Resident Evil 6 Leon Campiagn gameplay debut stage demo from Microsoft’s Pre-E3 2012 Press Conference!

I cannot freakin’ WAIT for this game. Looks so amazingly epic!

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