Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Screenshots of In-Game Footage. Jaw-Dropping Graphics!

04 Jun

Star Wars 1313 Official Logo On Black BackgroundStar Wars 1313 is the newest game in the Star Wars saga, and it seeks to take the series into a darker, more violent, third-person action direction with graphics that will blow your mind.

Additionally, the gameplay plays in very cinematic fashion with upclose combat and brutal attack moves that are even more punishing and mature than what we’ve seen from games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

This is a game that is sure to be phenomenal. The graphical Fidelity and attention to details is out of this world. It’s amazing that we are seeing so many new games from E3 2012 that truly look like NEXT-GEN titles and not current-gen!

Feast your eyes on these Star Wars 1313 ingame, gameplay screenshots! :O

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Screenshot

Armed and ready for some shooting action!

Star Wars 1313 Fire and Flame Screenshot

Through the fire and the flames in Star Wars 1313 gameplay screenshot.

Star Wars 1313 Run Run

Hurry up and climb up those steps man!

Star Wars 1313 Precariously Over Ledge

Dangling precariously over a gigantic ledge into the endless abyss below is never good.


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