That’s All Folks From Pre-E3 2012 Day 0

04 Jun

That's All Folks! Porky Pig

That’s All the E3 2012 For Today Folks! Day 0 is done, look forward to Day 1!

Day 0 of E3 2012 has come to a close, and the show officially starts off with a BANG tomorrow morning very early, as Nintendo gets prepared to show off everything they have in the works for the Wii U!

It’s going to be a day to remember full of megaton announcements, so BE PREPARED! I’ll be up early to cover the show and hopefully post another 30 articles all by my lonesome. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed my coverage of E3 2012 so far, I plan to keep it up with the same rapid pace as the week progresses. There are about a bajillion articles and games I still have in mind and really wanted to cover, and a few articles already posted that I need to fix up, edit, update and add-to. But hey, time waits for no man…

All in all, I posted 31 articles today, June 4th 2012, and pushed my viewership to record highes, record likes, and a high number of new followers. This is harder than I ever worked before; so I hope you got to learn a lot of cool stuff and see something that you missed. Please spread the word to your friends and let them know that WatchUsPlayGames has them covered for their E3 2012 news and videos. Goodnight guys, God bless and get some rest! Be sure to SET THAT ALARM CLOCK! The Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference show starts at 9am Pacific Time (11 hours from now) so be sure to wake up bright and early!


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