Turn Anything Into A Keyboard Controller With Makey Makey. Bananas, Buckets of Water, Paper, Play-Doh, People…. (Video of the Day)

04 Jun

Banana Keyboard Piano!

Yes…. the bananas are a keyboard. No, you are not crazy.

What if you could play Super Mario Bros. 1 NES using a banana? What if you could play Tetris using Play-Doh? What if you could play the keyboard by slapping your kid brother upside the head?

Want to play Dance Dance Revolution by stepping in buckets of water laid out like a dance mat?

Oh come on. You know you do! That is where the “Makey Makey” comes in! The Makey Makey Kickstater Project is the brainchild of MIT graduates Jay and Eric, who’ve created a unique device that allows you to turn literally ANYTHING into a keyboard. After that, the sky is the limit! It is simple to set up and requires no programming, no coding, no software, NOTHING. Simply plug in and play.

Wanna turn your starwell into the biggest controller known to man? See it in action in this awesome video! :D

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter and back their project! They’ve already funded and way-exceeded their goal! They had a goal of $25,000 and they’ve already made $403,727 with 8 days still left!

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