Watch Dogs Game Announced By Ubisoft (E3 2012 Conference). Open-World Action Adventure Hacking Game Leaves Crowd In Stunned Awe

04 Jun

Watch Dogs Gameplay Screenshot (Ubisoft E3 2012)

All information is interconnected. The world is your playground. What will you do with this power?

Watch Dogs unveiled for the first time ever at Ubisoft’s E3 2012 Press Conference is the most impressive game I have ever seen in my entire life. And that is NOT an overstatement. You will watch. And your jaw will drop. GUARANTEED.

The buildup to this game is what really pushed it out of the park right out-the-gate, with an absolutely insane premise based on the very true realities of a person’s “digital shadow”, and how all this information about each and every person is available all the time, at the press of a button… instantly viewable to a hacker at his own descretion. Sadly this part of the video is cut from the online trailer, as soon as I find the full show version I will post it here.

Thus, the whole Watch Dog game’s premise is based around a world that conveys nothing but information on all that you see (giving it a kind of Matrix Neo vibe), with the ability to “use the world as your weapon”. Almost anything can be manipulated, use the machines and your hacking abilities to jam phone signals, screw with traffic lights, hack into the electric grid… but unlike in other games, in this game it is all seamless and you have access to these techniques at the press of a button. All information on every person in the open-world environment (which is as gigantic as a real city, or so it seems) is laid out to you like an open book, and can easily be manipulated. No damn hacking mini-games or obstructions in the way to bog the player down or slowdown the pace of the action… This game has a goal and you accomplish it with ease.

What really made people stand up and cheer though, outside of the flat-out awesome premise, are the flat-out incredible, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, hyper-photo-realistic graphics. These are, BAR NONE, the best graphics EVER PUT TO GAME DISC. The animation, the people’s reactions, the sound and voice work…. This game drips with graphical fidelity that is absolutely astounding and beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. And I thought Medal of Honor: Warfighter looked good!

Beyond that, the gameplay is absolutely phenomenal. As soon as you finish watching this GAMEPLAY video, this game will shoot up to the very tip-top of your most wanted list. Guaranteed. Everything from the gunplay to the acrobatic movement is so well done… It’s impossible not to be impressed. And this game deserved the standing ovation it received.

Watch. And be amazed.

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