Wii U Controller Reads Cards, Toy Figures, etc. Place Them On New NFC Reader/Writer Pad In Lower-Left Corner To Transmit Data

04 Jun

Wii U Controller Card Reader NFC Writer/Reader For Figurines and Data Transmission

Place cards or figures on the Wii U Controller’s NFC Reader/Writer to Transmit Data!

Wii U will read Cards, Figures, etc. with the Wii U Controller’s new NFC Reader/Writer pad! Simply place them on the Wii U Controller and it will transmit data from the card or the figure (read: Skylanders!) and input that into your game or onto the controller!

The possibilities and potential, if Skylanders has taught the gaming industry anything, of this new NFC Reader/Writer feature of the Wii U Controller are quite literally endless! Nintendo has messed with card reading before, going all the way back to the Game Boy Advance e-reader, a device that plugged into your Game Boy Advance system and read data off of cards, allowing you to add new characters, music, etc. into games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

But now you can literally place something like a figurine or object onto the Wii U Controller’s lower left hand side (where you see a square mark) and the Wii U controller will read the data off it! It can also WRITE data. Although how exactly that will be used wasn’t fully explained….

:O *mind blown*

Skip to 5:56 into the Nintendo Direct E3 2012 Pre-E3 Conference video to see Satoru Iwata discussing the new NFC Reader of the Wii U Remote!

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