Wii U MiiVerse Social Network Announced. Get Text Pop-Ups In-Game While Playing From Friends and Strangers. Draw Pic Messages, Take In-Game Screenshots, Transfer Data Online With Others

04 Jun



Megaton. Wii U’s MiiVerse finally delivers the social platform Nintendo fans have been waiting for! This Facebook style social networking system is built-in to the Wii U and all of the features will be native, i.e. included by default, with each and every Wii game created!

The biggest feature is the ability for your friends messages and live-texts to be streamed into the game as you are actually playing it. On Xbox 360 and PS3 you have to go into the system menu to see your friends messages… now they’re messages can literally appear IN-THE-GAME, similar to say Dark Souls where players can leave messages at certain spots! This feature in-game can be turned on and off, and they showcased a New Super Mario Bros. Mii World Map video where you could see messages that other players left populating the levels of the World Map as the camera panned up!

The potential for this new system is quite simply mind-blowing and this could be HUGE, as it has never been done quite like this before in a console-wide system. The closest thing to it may in fact be MMO’s. But with the Wii GamePad tablet controller and it’s touchscreen the ability to easily type a message, or DRAW a message (try that on a PS3 or Xbox 360) will redefine what is possible and streamline the process to an amazing degree. Some will argue the touchscreen gives one much more control than a mouse and keyboard, with an onscreen keyboard offering all of the same functionality.

The MiiVerse (called Mii Waka Waka in Japanese) is the first thing that players will see when they boot the system up… MiiVerse is the Wii U System Menu. Here you will see Mii’s from all around the world and the country, divided up into categories and crowding around the game tiles that represent the videogames you own and have played and the Apps installed on your system.

More as I find time to write it and fill in the details! :)

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