WonderBook and J.K. Rowlings Book of Spells for PS Move On PS3 Reinvents the Storybook. Announced At Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

04 Jun

Wonderbook announced as all-new physical PS Move book device that reinvents the storybook in new and interactive ways like nothing ever seen before exclusively for the PS3.

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling and her Potermore label are directly involved in the creation of the first book for the new platform in a promise “library” of new books. Its unclear if these books will be available digitally or not, once you buy the physical book.

Using Wonderbook, books come to life, pop out of the screen, can turn 3D and can be interacted with in amazing ways.

Book of Spells allows you to explore the history of Harry Potter with all-new writing from J.K. Rowling, including unlockable poems of students at Hogwarts who didn’t live up to their potential. This biggest draw though outside of the history and exposition you will learn about Harry Potter, is the way the book teaches you to learn actual Harry Potter spells, and cast them with your “wand” represented by the PlayStation Move Controller. Ones spells are learned you can play minigames that allow you to test them out (such as lighting paper bugs on fire with the fire spell) and then use them to solve puzzles allowing you to delve deeper into the books story. You’ll even literally turn the pages to see all-new areas of the book and further explore it’s pages (which in reality are blank, but appear real on the PS3).

Sony promises the PS Move PS3 Wonderbook will not only offer Harry Potter fans a sorcery-filled experience, but will offer all manner of new books by legit authors and explore educational and scientific subjects among other topics.

The Wonderbook definitely seems aimed at children, but if taken further than that it could be a really, REALLY cool idea. Could you imagine if books were literally given a new, physical, interactive dimension and were fully embraced on the Wonderbook? Why not bring all kinds of books to the PlayStation Network and compete with the Kindle and such in ways they never dreamed off directly on your TV?

My Notes:
Wonderbook. Physical book brings stories to life using Augmented Reality using PS Eye. Explore and interact like never before. Walk with dinosaurs, explore the stars. Traditional reading takes on whole new meaning. Diverse library of content, educational, scientific with great talent and authors. Moonbot Studios (oscar-winning short videos and interactive books). New IP, Diggs Nightcrawler, detective story film noir.
Wonderbook: Book of Spells… Pottermore, unique website builds exciting online experience. Exclusive new and original writing from J.K. Rawling herself. Cast spells with PlayStation Move as Magic Wand. Art of spellcasting and Wizardry just like students at Hogwarts…
Miranda Gawshak from J.K. Rawling. Re-invention of the storybook.Words, pictures, stories come to life. Learn history of spell, learn to cast them, try them with puzzles and challenges. Books come to life like never before. Explore Harry Potter spells. Dragon lights book on fire and you have to put it out with your hands. Places hands on book and ashes disipate. 3D picture is created in book. Rotate book to see all around it. Poems are unlocked regarding Hogwarts student who didn’t live up to expectations. First of many books released for Wonderbook library.

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