E3 2012 Poll: Will Wii U Be the Final Name of Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console? Yes or No

05 Jun

Nintendo Revolution Original Wii Codename

Remember Nintendo Revolution? It was the original codename for Wii… no one thought they’d change it.

Will Wii U be the final name of the Nintendo next-generation console that replaces the original Wii? Yes or no?

Many people find the Wii U name to be confusing and a bit odd. In fact, I had a girl laugh at me just this past week when I was telling her all about Nintendo’s new machine. Do you know what she called it? “The Pee-U” I am not making this up. And despite my attempts at not feeling a little bit “hurt” at this brash mocking, she continued to laugh her head off at the name “p-u”.

Suffice it to say, I am now more convinced than ever that Nintendo should change the name. Many people have stated that the name “3DS”, was a mistake for Sony’s next-gen handheld system, because it is too similar to the former system, and parents and those not “in-the-know” get confused about the difference and will buy games without noticing the “3” in the title. The original DS meanwhile was originally a codename that stood for “Developer’s System” (because the system was easy to develop for and made with giving developers more options than ever in-mind) but sense the acronym dually stood for “Dual Screens” as well, they decided to stick with the name “DS” since it accurately described what the new handheld was (a handheld never meant to originally replace the Game Boy, it was meant to be a “third pillar” and a new line of systems that would continue alongside Game Boy. Everyone but Nintendo new that wouldn’t be the case however :P).

Of course, remember the “Nintendo Revolution” name? Everyone was confident that Nintendo was going to go with that name as the final name for the Wii… but they changed the codename and went with “Wii” instead. And for an entire year all we heard were penis jokes and people remarking “Want to come over and play with me wee” *cue endless giggles*

Yet Nintendo stuck with the name, and now it is an iconic, worldwide, world-known name that cannot be mistaken for anything else and never gets made fun of anymore. For the GameCube, the system was originally called the “Nintendo Dolphin”… a name people loved. That codename was eventually dropped in favor of the even cooler name “GameCube”. I really hope we see a return to a cool name. Although I can live with the Wii U… But it’s such a dorky title…

What do you think?

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One response to “E3 2012 Poll: Will Wii U Be the Final Name of Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console? Yes or No

  1. andrew

    August 26, 2012 at 5:05 am

    i hate the wii u and the 3ds someone tell nintendo to make wii u games and 3ds games for wii ds.


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