Pikmin 3 Gameplay Wii U E3 2012 Stage Demo Reveals Beautiful World and New Rock Pikmin

05 Jun

Pikmin 3 Gameplay Screenshot Wii U E3 2012

Pikmin 3 Wii U Gameplay Screenshot At E3 2012 Shown Off by Miyamoto.

Pikmin 3 gameplay for Wii U highlighted Nintendo’s underwhelming E3 2012 Press Conference, coming from Miyamoto in person!

Pikmin 3 is the newest franchise in Nintendo’s RTS-style strategy game where players are tasked with taking control of plant-like Pikmin characters that follow a leader and attack enemy animals that wander the beautiful, natural environments full of plants, water, fire and other natural elements like trees and human objects.

In Pikmin 3, players can control up to four leaders (of which, Captain Olimar is not one of them… it wasn’t revealed why) which adds all-new strategic depth to the came. The game can also be controlled using either the Wii Remote and Nunchuck or the Wii GamePad. If you choose the later, then you will get new strategy methods by using the touchpad and making use of the touchscreen and its indepth map. If you play with the Wii Remote, you can more accurately throw the Pikmin and target very specific spots of enemies and obstacles. Either way, the GamePad will always show you a full map. One of the biggest new change was a new form of all-new Rock Pikmin!

Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 3 from E3 2012

The all-new super cute Rock Pikmin!

Pikmin 3 will have several modes, such as the Challenge Mode where you must gather as much fruit as you can within a time limit. You can even record a replay of your previous playthrough and have it always playing on the lower screen, using it as a strategic reference! Which is a very cool proposition and something I haven’t thought about for the Wii U.

Nintendo promises Pikmin 3 will be much more strategically deep than previous games in the series. Graphically it looked quite beautiful, although not quite as mind blowing as you’d expect. Given the new Wii U GamePad, you can see the Pikmin from new angles using the GamePad screen and the map allows you to see the entire playfield, zoom in or control individual Pikmin in ways that really open the game up and make it much more streamlined than ever before.

What was also really fun about the Nintendo Conference (and by far the best part of it) was Miyamoto’s grand entrance, which showed him getting ready for the show in what looked like his house, on video, with Pikmin all around his environment overlayed in CG, following him out the door even… as he walked on the stage! At the end of the demo Miyamoto even took a Red Pikmin out of his front pocket! So awesome!

Here is the Pikmin 3 Gameplay E3 2012 Nintendo Conference Stage Demo!

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