Encouraging Quote of the Day – God Is My Hiding Place. He Preserves Me From Trouble, Surrounds Me With Songs of Deliverance. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

06 Jun

God Is My Hiding Place

God is our hiding place, protecting us, delivering us, preserving us. Blessed Is He.

“God is my hiding place. He preserves me from trouble. He surrounds me with songs of deliverance. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Psalm 32:7 – Benny Hinn.

Remember that God is not far from us, He is always there. Always near. Always inside. Always comforting. Always delivering. Always preserving His children from the troubles of the world that would bring down lesser men and women.

But we must rely on Him, turn to Him, trust Him and think on Him as we go about our daily business. Remember that the Bible does not say you need to set aside a set amount of time to pray… you do not need to perform rituals or try and “feel” closer to God. The Bible says to, quite simply, “pray without ceasing”. That is, make it a regular part of your day to speak to the Lord. This is how you build a relationship…. Both here on earth and in the Heavenlies.


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