Final Fantasy XV Next-Gen Agnis Philosophy Demo of Realtime Tech Gameplay. FFXV (FF15 ie Final Fantasy 15) Video Trailer of Luminous Engine Revealed At E3 2012. Turns Heads and Takes Series In New Direction. But Will It Be A Real Game?

08 Jun

Final Fantasy XV: Agni's Philosophy Gameplay Screenshot

Is Agni’s Philosophy Final Fantasy XV? The next-gen FF game?!

Final Fantasy XV: Agnis’ Philosophy MAY become the next core-Final Fantasy game. Whether FF15 (Final Fantasy 15) ends up being the full actual game is anybody’s guess. This impressive realtime technical demo shows off Square Enix’ next-generation engine that will, one presumes, power the next Final Fantasy title. What isn’t known is whether the characters, setting, situations, etc. seen in this tech demo will be incorporated into the next-core Final Fantasy game for Xbox 720, PS4, Wii U, PC, etc. or not… This demo showcases Square Enix’s new “Luminous Engine”, that will power next-gen RPGs and other games from Square Enix.

Check out the Final Fantasy XV Agni’s Philosophy Realtime E3 2012 Tech Demo!

No matter what you think about the themes and the movie-like (rather than game-like) nature of this Final Fantasy XV Agni’s Philosophy trailer, you can’t help but be blown away by what you see on the screen. Jaw-dropping graphics huh?

Taking a huge departure from Final Fantasy games past, the trailer introduces all kinds of new, action elements that you wouldn’t expect to see in a Final Fantasy game… Including guns! The whole demo drips with a realism and real-world feel that is alien to the Final Fantasy series. With a setting that feels like we are in the Middle East and lots of “rebels” causing trouble. But don’t worry, Magic also plays a big role and we see some Thunder/Lightning spells cast by hooded Mage-like characters, including the main character. Presumably the “Agni” of the title.

Final Fantasy 15 Agni's Philosophy Artwork

Is this the female protagonist of Final Fantasy 15? Is FFXV a reality? Or is this just a demo? So many questions.

Apparently, all of this graphical fidelity is realtime… no computer-generated cutscene graphics here! :O However, despite all the departures from what you know-and-love, you still get to see a Summon! At the end Agni mounts a crazy-looking dragon, who recalls some of the Summons of Final Fantasy past. Some people even think the city architecture, music and camera remind them of the slum-city of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. Although I didn’t get that vibe from Agni’s Philosophy myself.

Of course, whether REAL next-gen games actually look this good in-game or not is anyone’s guess… We’ll have to wait and see. It’s interesting to note that Square Enix was essentially absent from E3 2012 and did NOT show off their most highly anticipated title… Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game that has been in development hell forever (originally announced at E3 2006… SIX YEARS AGO!). Hopefully that game will STILL see the light of day and Square Enix can still find the time to finish it up as a swan-song to the current-gen before diving headlong into next-gen Final Fantasy XV development.


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