Album Review: Conclusions By Altars, 1st Full-Length Album On Facedown Records

10 Jun

Alters Conclusions Cover Artwork

The cover artwork for the album “Conclusions” by the Facedown Records band “Altars”.

Conclusions by Facedown Records band “Altars” will appeal to those who like hardcore music and extremely heavy breakdown music, with vocals that are more yelled than screamed. You won’t get any deep growls here!

The band also tries their hand at more melodic pieces, and has some pretty good lyrical and thematic content from what I can gather. I had to listen to the album without the luxury of having lyrics available; something I typically REFUSE to do with metal albums. But even so I was able to enjoy the album pretty well. I know I’ll enjoy it even more once I get the lyrics for my review copy of the album from Facedown Records.

I enjoyed this record, even though the songs are not entirely distinctive from each other in my humble opinion, and the album really blends into itself; making it hard for me to remember any standout tracks. There are also several instrumental filler tracks that transition into the songs, although they are slower and thus are a welcome addition, but it lowers the full amount of real songs included on the album. Despite the forgettable nature of the album, I still had a good time listening to Altars, and this is band I’ll definitely continue to follow in the future. Give it a shot.

Song #1. Red Brick Army
This first track is a very heavy, mostly instrumental piece that sets the tone for the album extremely well. “We are the Red Brick Army, and we are hear to take a stand!” This is a fine little intro, although its nothing impressive.

Song #2. Scum
This is an awesome song and I really enjoyed it. It’s extremely heavy, and the anthem of “I am the scum of the earth! I deserve nothing” is done well and singable.

Here is the Scum lyrics video.

Song #3. The Coward
This song features a really cool portion at the bridge of the song where the band starts talking, with great lyrics about how God is reality and he believes. After that part the osong picks up again with the quick pace. Of which I’m less a fan of, but this is good song regardless.

Song #4. Portlen
This song starts out with a really slow, emotional sounding instrumental. Leading into the next track.

Song #5. Lower
The quick screams and yelling start off right off-the-bat in this next track. This song gets a lot better at about 1:30, which is the pace that I prefer from this band. I’m not a fan of the quick-screamed lyrics. Didn’t care too much for this song, although the themes are good. And the track ends on a high note.

Song #6. Unknowning
Now this is more like it! This track brings the heavy right from the gate just like we like it. The beginning of this track is when this band is at their back IMHO. However it then transitions into a more sing-y vocal style that I don’t care for. Before heading back to heavy and alternating the two. “This is my turning point”. Cool line, and directly after the two screams of that line, the song gets AWESOME. Overall I enjoyed this track.

Song #7. Ryland
This is another slow and quite beautiful little instrumental track.With a sad feel to it.

8. Montreal
EXTREMELY HEAVY intro. This is when this band is at their best and the intro here really impresses. “Look at me, I cannot seem, to hold my own.” At 1:10 this song gets totally insanely awesome. However its not carried throughout. Even so this song is one of the coolest on the album IMHO.

9. Shephards
A more emotional song with yelled lyrics from the start. This song goes in a bit of a different direction, with some really odd noises mixed in. Thematically I really like the lyrics I can understand from this song. At around 2:00 this song has a really awesome moment. Overall this song tries to take a somewhat more slower approach without totally slowing things down, which is interesting. Not a bad track.

10. Revelation
This song has a really quick pace, but with yelled lyrics that are spoken very deliberately. This is a really cool style. After the quick spoken first half, an awesome worship chorus kicks in with the band singing and speaking the name of Jesus. The whole worship vibe is AWESOME and I absolutely adore this track because of it. This is definitely THE standout. And the chorus is fantastic and singable. “Jesus, reveal your presense to me!”

11. Realization
This is another instrumental track leading into the next one… it’s a quick one.

12. Conclusions
I’m loving the intro of this track and the way it is done. Once again it goes into the quickly spoken vocals, which I’m less a fan of. But the vibe of this song is strong and I’m a fan of it. At around 1:12 we get some really cool music. It’s heavy without taking away from the melodic nature of the song. This song has an end-of-album emotional vibe to it that elevates it above a lot of the tracks on the album. Especially given the lyrics, which talk about how God is the answer to everything. A definite HIGHLIGHT.

Here’s a Conclusions album preview lyrics video from Altars!

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