Encouraging Quote of the Day – God Puts People In Our Lives For A Purpose. So We Can Help Them Succeed & Become All He Created Them To Be

11 Jun

The People in Life You Touch - Your Sphere of Influence

…. What is your sphere of influence? The people in life that you touch? And what about those you don’t yet know?

“God puts people in our lives on purpose for a purpose, so we can help them succeed and become all He has created them to be. That means we have an assignment to encourage and inspire them to go higher.”

Do you really think it is an accident that you know the people that you know? Is it an accident that you were born into the family you are in? Is it an accident that new people come into your life and change/effect various aspects of it?

All relationships on earth ultimately have one purpose; to bring the light of Christ to them and to help spread the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, to every person we come into contact with. To make disciples of others, to teach them, impart wisdom to them, and encourage them. To build people up and not tear them down, so that the light of our God may shine forth and influence them to make the right decisions in their own life… So that the chain of bringing others under the wings of Jesus can continue. And on and on and on.

When the Bible says “How can they hear without a preacher?” he is talking about YOU. How can that acquaintance of yours find God if you don’t tell them about Him? Remember to use the influence you have over others to do good, and impart the Word and Light of Christ wherever and whenever possible. You don’t even need to speak to others, sometimes a simple smile, a simple hello, a simple hug, a simple “I know what you are going through, and my God has the solution” will do. Often times, more than an intellectual debate or discussions on the merits of Jesus and His message, it is acts of love that will move the heart and soul, and cause the Holy Spirit to convict that person into heading down the direction that leads to their Savior. We are the messengers. And other people are the field in which we sow new souls.


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