Metroid Nintendo Land? Samus Starship, Helmet and Ridley Confirmed. Mini-Game Still Unknown (Screenshots)

12 Jun

Samus Starship in Nintendo Land. Confirms Metroid Minigame (Wii U E3 2012)

You can’t have Samus Starship without having a Metroid minigame in Nintendo Land for Wii U!

Metroid Nintendo Land WILL be a reality. The Wii U minigame compilation is chock-full of references to Samus Metroid franchise, which means that a minigame based on the Metroid series is certain.

What that minigame will look like remains to be seen however. Nintendo Land is a themepark game that features minigames based on many of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, from Animal Crossing to The Legend of Zelda.

In the screenshots above and below, you can see that Samus Helmet is used as an icon in the game’s main hub, as well as in the list of icons representing each of the minigames contained in Nintendo Land (including several that have yet to be revealed outside of the icon).

Even more blatant is a giant Ridley robot/statue that walks around the Nintendo Land theme park hub, and Samus Starship which flies around the theme park!

Nintendo Land Minigame Icons Including Samus Helmet

….. Samus Helmet is upon dozens of other Nintendo Land minigame icons. Including Yoshi’s Egg, Mario’s Cap, Zelda’s Triforce, Birdo, Boo and More!

Nintendo Land Ridley Robot Screenshot (Wii U)

A giant Ridley, the Metroid boss and leader of the Space Pirates, stomps about the Nintendo Land park!

Nintendo Land Samus Helmet Icon Gameplay Screenshot (Hub)

It doesn’t get more blatant than this! Metroid will be a minigame thanks to Samus’ helmet icon!

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