Andy Rooney On Ex Presidents… Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagen, Bush Sr… Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush Together

13 Jun

Obama and Bush Together Official George W. Bush Portrait Unveiling (May 31 2012)

The current and former Presidents (Barack Obama and George W Bush) together.

In this very interesting piece, the late-great, Andy Rooney discusses ex-Presidents, including Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagen and George H.W. Bush, from the vantage point of the Clinton years and Rooney’s liberal viewpoint.

Herrrrrre’s Rooney!

Andy Rooney discusses how Americans remember their ex-Presidents, and how what we read, see and hear about them from media sources shapes our opinion of them. These days, we are actually very lucky, as we see much more of our Presidents than ever before. Every major speech foreign and domestic is readily available to view online, and is often covered in the news media both online, on TV, blogs, and in other sources.

Additionally, we have something that other generations could only dream of… the ability to interact with our Presidents or their official PR people on a daily basis, and see minute-details and news about them via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and through unique formats like youtube, live-video feeds and chats, virtual Google+ Town Halls, and the like.

Presidents Bush Sr, Nixon, Reagen, Carter, Ford Together In 1991

….. An amazing picture of former US Presidents in 1991, from left: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Ronald Reagen and Jimmy Carter.

As such, I would reckon that the modern American is much more in tune with what the American President, in this case President Barack Obama, is actually like, than people had in previous decades. And it is only thanks to the amazing advancements in technology that we have made in such a short period.

For example, I was able to quickly and easily watch former President George W. Bush and current President Barack Obama together at Bush’s official portrait unveiling, it was covered in the TV news, posted online at many publications, and was easily found via CSPAN. In the old days, it’d barely get a mention in the newspaper. And very few people would have seen the actual speech, much less in its entirety.

And that should leave us very thankful for the wide variety of information and resources that we have at our fingertips in this day and age.

Former US Presidents Together: Obama, W Bush, Clinton, Carter, HW Bush In 2008

….. An amazing photo of our current and past Presidents, from left: George HW Bush, President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, taken in 2008

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