Obama Pinocchio Presidential Cartoon. Lies Make the Nose Grow Longer (Photo of the Day)

21 Jun

Obama Pinocchio

How much of these lies do you agree with?

Obama Pinocchio? That’s what this Conservative Political Comic delves into.

As you can see, the controversial comic has Obama’s nose growing in length for all of the lies that the President has allegedly told. How many of these do you agree are “lies”?

The “lies” include:

* The Private Sector is Doing Fine.
* All of the Above Energy Policy.
* The Notion This White House Would Purposefully Leak Classified Information Is Offensive.
* I’m the Most Fiscally Conservative President Since Ike.
* My Mother Was Denied Health Insurance.
* Shovel Ready Jobs.
* All Bush and GOP’s Fault.
*Solyndra Was Not Our Program Per Se.
* We Only Have 2% of the World’s Oil Reserves.
* Transparency.
* Too Busy To Campaign In Wisconsin’s Recall Election.
* Obamacare Will Not Add One Dime to Our Deficits.
* Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright Who?

The vast majority of these “lies” are actual quotes from Obama’s own mouth, such as here where President Obama states that the notion that his White House leaked classified information is offensive. You can hear him say it yourself in this recent White House Press Briefing video, where President Obama made a rare appearance in the briefing room.


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