New Judge Dredd Movie Remake Looks Awesome. Release Date Is September 21 2012. Trailers, Videos, Screenshots

26 Jun

Judge Dredd's new helmet 2012 Screenshot

The new helmet for Judge Dredd’s law enforcement actions in the new 2012 film.

An all-new Judge Dredd movie releases to theaters on September 21st 2012 and it’s looking pretty bomb! Officially titled simply “Dredd”, the new film is completely unrelated (or so they say) to the original.

The script was written by Alex Garland, who is responsible for films like 28 Days Later and Sunshine. Dredd in this film is being portrayed by Karl Urban and he does an excellent job in the role as far as I can clean from the trailer. He definitely has the tough, gritty voice down-pat!

Here is the debut theatrical trailer for Dredd.

I never followed Judge Dredd (or any comics really for that matter) or read any of the 2000 A.D. comics series he hails from. I didn’t know he was a British-creator character. Some people who have seen the trailer say it doesn’t seem to follow the comics very well… All I know is that this guy does an outstanding job as Judge Dredd, who always reminded me of Robocop, and I think it’ll be refreshing to see someone besides Sylvester Stallone stepping into Dredd’s shoes like Stallone did in 1995.

Been quite a long time since we seen a Dredd film, so it’ll be interesting to see how this movie does sales-wise. I think people will be excited to see it.

Dredd With Gun Remake 2012 Screenshot

Judge Dredd from 2012 remake, ready to take care of business!

Dredd 2012 Remake Movie Logo

Awesome red logo for the new Dredd movie.

Dredd 3D Release Date Is September 21 2012 For New Movie

The new Judge Dredd remake logo for “Dredd 3D”, hits theaters September 21 2012.

Judge Dredd Is Awesome. 2012 Movie

I love the new look of Judge Dredd. He looks awesome, like he means business!


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