Avengers Assemble!

30 Jun
Marvels The Avengers Logo

The official logo for the billion-dollar hit The Avengers film!

Going to see The Avengers while I still can! That’s right, your humble WatchUsPlayGames maestro didn’t have the funds in the bank to be able to afford seeing the Billion-Dollar Club Avengers flick when it first hit the seen and made waves. And now, FINALLY, I’m about to head out to the theaters to see the movie before I miss the chance!

I’m sure this will be the final chance to see The Avengers, as The Amazing Spider-Man hits next-week on July 3rd, which will surely push The Avengers out of the lineup entirely.

I have kept myself completely in-the-dark to the movie so I am super-excited. I am not even entirely sure of the whole lineup of Superheroes that are in the film, much less villains. And I’ve yet to see a single trailer for The Avengers, as I purposefully kept myself as far away from spoilers as I could. Amazingly, I’m still going to be going into the movie with virgin-eyes even this long after it made its debut!

Will it live up to the hype in my eyes? We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m super pumped! I’ll update this story when I get back in a few short hours. :)

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