WatchMePlayGames: Super Meat Boy Let’s Play Part 1 (PC, Steam)

04 Jul

Super Meat Boy Deaths and Zombies Wallpaper By AndyofcomixInc

Super Meat Boy is the ultimate Indie platformer!

WatchMePlay Super Meat Boy! I finally dive into my Steam collection of over 200 games (only three of which I’ve installed) and pop in this gem of a platformer… The critically acclaimed Super Meat Boy!

This is a game that I’ve been dying to play ever since it was announced. I always wanted to play it on Xbox 360, but thanks to the numerous Indie Bundles, I also picked the title up on Steam. Luckily for me, the game supports Xbox 360 controller play, so it feels just like you are playing it on a console! This made me a happy camper! I finally decided to bust the game out and play through some of it, and recorded it all the while!

Here is the fruits of my labor, a video montage where I’ve streamed together an hour’s worth of playtime of me making my way through Super Meat Boy! Included is the entirety of Worlds 1 and 2, over four videos of me trying to defeat the negative 1 Glitch Zone, boss battles, Warp Zones, and a whole lotta fun! Additionally, I am still a newb at Super Meat Boy, so you get to see some funny moments as I go through and attempt to beat each stage with an A+ Rating!



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