New Final Fantasy VII Achievements! PC Re-Release Coming To Square Enix Store With Updated Features

06 Jul

Final Fantasy VII PC Cloud Strife Art (2012 Re-Release With Achievements)

…. Cloud Strife and Final Fantasy VII are coming to PC in 2012 with an all-new updated version with Achievements!

Final Fantasy VII Achievements are coming to PC! Square Enix has announced that an all-new re-release of FFVII for PC is coming to the official Square Enix store, along with some all-new features!

Here is the all-new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII PC re-release with Achievements.

The biggest new feature of course are Achievements! The new Final Fantasy VII for PC will include 36 in-game Achievements to earn, adding new challenges and something new to strive for as you play through this landmark, epic, beloved RPG. This is the first time that Achievements have been added to the game.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released for PlayStation One back in 1997. Although it was known primarily as a console RPG, a lot of people forget that, back-in-the-day, it was ALSO released for PC. Hitting the PC a year later in 1998 following its PSX release. Although the PC version was very buggy, so it was not nearly as well received.

It is, we presume, a cleaned up and fixed version of that PC game, with new added features, that Square Enix is now digitally re-releasing exclusively to the Square Enix online store. The PS1 version of FFVII was also re-released for the PlayStation Network for PS3 in 2009 as a digital download.

One would think that Square Enix is probably trying to popularize their digital online store with this FFVII PC re-release, given that it is one of their most popular games of all time. One cool new feature is the ability to create a profile that shows the Final Fantasy VII Achievements you’ve unlocked in the PC game, which you can share with friends to show off your new Achievements. It’s not quite having the game on Steam, but it’s better-than-nothing. At least you CAN share your Achievements with friends.

Other new features of the PC version include Cloud Saves, where you can save your progress in the digital cloud, and thus resume your progress from any PC, and a Character Booster feature that allows you to increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum in order to get out of a bind. This ensures you will never get stuck. Many people consider the Character Boost cheating, but it will surely be a great new feature for newcomers to FFVII. Last but not least, the game has been optimized to run on the latest PC hardware! This should ensure that FFVII looks better than ever.

It’s important to note however that this new PC re-release is NOT a remake of any kind, and thus the graphics both in-game and in movie-scenes look exactly the same as you remember them. Except cleaner and higher-resolution since this is running on a more-powerful PC.

Will you be buying this new digital re-release of Final Fantasy VII? I SURELY WILL! I’m an Achievements Whore, so that fact alone will get me to re-buy it! Pricing for the game hasn’t been announced yet, nor a release date, but hopefully it won’t cost too much. It sounds like it’ll be released soon.


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