Tales of Xillia American US and European Releases Confirmed By Namco

06 Jul

Tales of Xillia Logo

The official logo for Tales of Xillia, the 13th entry in the long-running Namco RPG series.

Tales of Xillia is coming to the USA! In addition to an American release, Europe will also be getting the game confirmed Namco via their Twitter account.

Here’s a Japanese Tales of Xillia Trailer, showing tons of cutscenes and story sequences, along with gameplay at the end.

This is huge news for fans of the Tales series of RPGs from Namco, who were a bit worried that the latest game in the series, a PS3-exclusive, would not see the light of day outside Japan.

Thankfully, Namco has come to their senses, although no word on exactly WHEN the game will be released has been announced. But it is extremely likely it will hit sometime this holiday, if I had to wager a guess.

Tales of Xillia Battle Gameplay Screenshot (PS3)

This is what the RPG battles look like in Tales of Xillia exclusively for PS3. Coming this Fall 2012.

The latest game in the Tales series was the 3DS Tales of the Abyss 3D released last year, a remake of the PS2 title from 2006. Before that we got Tales of Graces f for PS3, an enhanced port of a Wii game in the series that was never released outside of Japan. The game most players will remember from the current generation is the Xbox 360-exclusive Tales of Vesperia (also released for PS3 in Japan with an updated version). Sadly there are two fairly recent DS entries in the Tales series that never got released outside of Japan. Hopefully Namco can combine them into a dual-pack and release it for 3DS or something along those lines eh?

Otherwise, releases of Tales games in the West have been somewhat hit or miss, but it’s great to hear that Tales of Xillia will finally be getting its day on Western shores.

Tales of Xillia Characters Screenshot. Some pretty cool cats in shades!

Apparently some pretty cool cats from Tales of Xillia. What with the shades in all…


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