On the Cutting Room Floor – Resident Evil: Deadly Silence For DS (Episode 10)

07 Jul

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Cover Box Art

A 2006 updated version of Resident Evil 96 with enhanced features for DS!

Episode 10 of On the Cutting Room Floor (Games I’m Longing to Play) is Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, a little-known, extremely rare Resident Evil ’96 port with enhanced features released for Nintendo DS in 2006.

If you know me, you know that there are TONS AND TONS of videogames I’ve never played. Sadly, although I consider myself to be a “hardcore” gamer, I really am not compared to most “gamers”. The reason for that is because, unlike other more productive people, I can never seem to find the time to play games. Period.

So I thought it would be fun to go through some of the games I’d LOVE to play and still plan on playing someday, but never have up to this point and why I want to play them. Hopefully I’ll play through them in the near future. :)

EPISODE #10 – Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Released: 2006
System: DS
Re-Released: No
Genre: Survival Horror Action Adventure
Developed By: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Is There A Digital Version?: No. I highly doubt there ever will be.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence was released for the original DS in 2006, as an enhanced port of the 1996 Resident Evil, the original Resident Evil 1 that kicked off the series way back on the PS1. This was impressive, as the developers managed to squeeze all of that games full-motion video sequences, gameplay and voice acting onto a tiny DS cart. They also added some new features to the game.

The biggest new addition is a “Rebirth Mode”, which adds a great challenge with more enemies to battle, and a series of new puzzles that you must solve using the features of the DS like the touchscreen. These include all-new first-person sequences.

You can also play the game in Classic Mode, which makes it feel just like the PS1 original with a few enhancements, such as a quickturn (the 180 degree turn was first introduced in Resident Evil 3) and the tactical reload introduced in Resident Evil 4, along with touch controls for inventory manipulation and the like. This streamlines the game a bit. The dual screens are also used to great effect, with the Map always shown on the top screen, while the action is always shown on the bottom screen (along with your inventory, where the touchscreen controls makes it quick and easy to select, equip or combine items). You can also skip any dialog or cutscenes, which makes playing through the game much faster for those who have already mastered Resident Evil 1.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence First Person Knight Attack Mode

… New features like first-person knife battles have been added to Resident Evil 96 to spruce things up!

Sadly some of the cutscenes were censored, although the live-action introduction and all the rest of the live-action movie scenes with the actors were kept, including the violent decapitation of Kenneth. However the censoring isn’t unique to the DS version, as Resident Evil 1 has been censored in other versions of the game in the past as well. And it doesn’t really have any bearing on the actual game, as only the live-action cutscenes were censored.

Last and… probably least, is the fact that the game contains some unique local multiplayer modes using the wi-fi capabilities of the DS. By wirelessly linking several systems together, you can play multiplayer with up to four players! The two modes available include a cooperative mode where you must help each other solve puzzles in order to escape the mansion. And a competitive mode wherein you must get the most amount of points for killing enemies, with tougher enemies being worth more points. There are three multiplayer stages available with nine playable characters; making this a unique version of Resident Evil ’96 for that fact alone. Although you aren’t very likely to play these modes unless you know someone else with a DS and copy of the game who’s willing to play.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Gameplay Screenshots

Here is what Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for DS looks like in action. Very similar to the 96 PS1 original. Note the topscreen Map.

Ever since I first saw Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, I wanted it. But I never got around to buying the game. It still tops the list of the videogames I most want; both because I want to play it, and, of course, because I want to collect it!

And Resident Evil: Deadly Silence isn’t the only rare, uncommon Resident Evil game that is somewhat hard to find, there are others like the Game Boy Color RE game, which I’ll most likely list in a future episode of On the Cutting Room Floor.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence New Puzzles Screenshot

… Awesome new touchscreen-based puzzles like this one have been added in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence!

Doing a quick Resident Evil: Deadly Silence ebay search, you can buy Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for around $25. Although prices are in excess of $60 to around $200 if you want to purchase a brand-new, sealed copy of this DS gem.

All-in-all, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is not the most conveniant way to play Resident Evil ’96 now that the game is easily downloadable for PS3 via the PlayStation Network (as a PS1 classic), and the PS1 version of the game is also readily obtainable quite easily. Or you can play the game in one of its myriad of different versions, like the GameCube remake with amazing graphics, or the updated Dual Shock and Director’s Cut versions for PS1. Even so though, none of those versions contain the unique features of this DS version, like the touchscreen based puzzles, the multiplayer modes or the first-person sequences, making Resident Evil: Deadly Silence a rare treat, especially for fans of the original Resident Evil 1, and definitely making it worth your time to track this rarely-seen DS title down.

Definitely pick up Resident Evil: Deadly Silence while you still can, before the game disappears!

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Wallpaper Jill Valentine

Be sure to track down a copy of this rare DS gem before it disappears!

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