Korea (MadKOF) Defeats Mexico (BALA) for EVO 2012 King of Fighters XIII World Championship Title

08 Jul

Bala of Mexica vs MadKOF of Korea EVO 2012 KOF XIII Grand Championship. MadKOF Wins!

… Bala of Mexico was defeated by MadKOF of Korea at EVO 2012’s King of Fighters XIII Championship!

The Evolution 2012 World Fighting Championship for King of Fighters XIII is Korea’s MadKOF who defeated Mexico’s BALA to secure the first-ever KOFXIII Championship title at EVO 2012.

Here is the entire King of Fighters XIII Evo 2012 Grand Finals match video of Mexico’s Bala vs Korea’s MadKOF!

The match was an intense one as the favorite of the night, Mexico’s BALA fought furiously and looked like he might win the title. However Korea’s MadKOF prodigal son, who flew all the way to America (Las Vegas, Nevada) to compete in the world’s biggest Fighting Game Tournament stage, had the true bloodlust in his eyes as he worked his way all the way through Loser’s Bracket and into Winner’s Bracket, and then defeated everyone in his path to face-off against BALA for the championship. He then reset the bracket to make it an even playing field and went on to defeat BALA in a stunning showdown of epic proportions.

Please keep in mind I am new to this lingo of the Fighting Game scene. :P

EVO 2012 KOF XIII Grand Finals. Korea vs Mexico As MadKOF Defeats Bala

MadKOF won the title of KOF XIII EVO 2012 Champion for his native home of South Korea!

It truly could have been anyone’s game, but BALA did not have the fight to defeat the immortal Korean MadKOF. This loss was despite a huge online crowd of 90,000 watching the online stream live and a humongous, rowdy crowd at the event itself who chanted Bala’s name, hoisted up the Mexican flag, chanted “Mehico!” and cheered him on insistently.

All in all, it was an absolutely awesome battle. Even if you have never watched a Fighting Game Tournament before (like me), it was so exciting that it turned this non-fan into a fan!

And it was really awesome to watch a KOF battle, as the match was simply pure skill! Congrats to Korea and to MadKOF who tasted sweet victory in America!

MadKOF of Korea wins Evo 2012 King of Fighters XIII For South Korea!

MadKOF holding up his Trophy and Figurine rewards for winning KOF XIII at EVO 2012!


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