Earthworm Jim 4? David Perry, Creator, Wants To Make It. But Needs To Bring Original Team Together of Tommy Tallarico and Doug TenNapel

18 Jul

Earthworm Jim Wallpaper

… Earthworm Jim wallpaper. Awesome concept, awesome characters… Let’s hope Earthworm Jim 4 gets made!

Earthworm Jim 4 could become a reality. The creator of the hit platformer series from the 90s, David Perry, really wants to develop the game.

However, he wants to do it right, and that means bringing together the original development team that made Earthworm Jim possible. THAT, is easier said than done.

David Perry himself seems like he is free to do it (do I smell Kickstarter?), he is the ex-founder of Shiny Entertainment, and more recently had success with the Gaikai Cloud Streaming videogame service, which Sony just bought.

Earthworm Jim’s soundtrack was done by Tommy Tallarico who is knee-deep with his highly successful Video Games Live symphony orchestra concert series, whereas Earthworm Jim scriptwriter and artist Doug TenNapel is extremely busy with multiple projects across Comics, Short Films and Cartoons.

Even so, David Perry says, regarding Earthworm Jim 4:
“I’m sure it’s going to happen, I just can’t tell you exactly when.” He has even started a Earthworm Jim 4 Facebook Group.

I say they should start a Earthworm Jim 4 Kickstarter project to raise funding for the project, and then David Perry should do as much of it himself as he can, with a small development team. They can then bring Tommy and Doug on later to make changes or add aspects to it to flesh it out and give it the personal touch of the original team.

The gaming world is long overdue for a High-Definition, modern Earthworm Jim remake or revival, so let’s hope this happens!

Sad fact… I never played the Earthworm Jim games. Much like Ren & Stimpy, I found that I hated the humor I saw, and for some reason was opposed to it before I even gave it a chance. I’ll have to rectify that someday…. In my wise old age. :P

Here is a Earthworm Jim 1 gameplay video.


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