Christian Bale Aurora Colorado. Visiting With Theater Shooting Massacre Victims of Batman Dark Knight Rises Tragedy (Photo of the Day)

24 Jul

Christian Bale In Aurora Colorado Visiting Theater Shooting Memorial

… Christian Bale visits the Memorial for the Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting Massacre victims by Hyoung Chang, Denver Post (7/24/12)

Christian Bale visited the Theater Shooting victims in Aurora Colorado, site of the deadly act that has become the worst mass shooting in American history.

Thankfully, Christian Bale, who plays Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, did the right thing out of his own heart, and made it a point to visit with some of the victims. It was not publicized, and the media didn’t get ahold of the visit until after it had already happened. Exactly how it should be.

I salute you Christian Bale, for doing the right thing. One can only imagine what must be going through the mind of “Batman”, knowing that this tragedy revolved around his movie. And that the murderer may have been inspired by the late Heath Ledge’s portrayal of The Joker.

Please remember to keep all of the victims of this horrific incident and all of those involved, including the perpetrator, his family, the family of the victims, those injured, and the actors and producers of the film, in your prayers.

Here is a Colorado Shooting Tribute Video.


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