EarthBound Unboxing Video

27 Jul

EarthBound Unboxing Complete Set. Includes game, box and player's guide instructions manual

My complete EarthBound set, bought at Blockbuster for $15 in 1998!

EarthBound unboxing! The SNES cult RPG with the Player’s Guide, game cartridge and box!

Here is a video of me unboxing a complete EarthBound set (from my personal collection) that I am selling on Craigslist.

As you can see, it is not in great condition, the box is pretty roughed up. I bought it in 1998 (the game and the box) at Blockbuster Video for… wait for it…. $15! Of course, little did I know how rare it would become.

Even back then, I was pissed. Because the main reason I bought the game was because of the eye-catching large box, which I assumed included the Player’s Guide printed on the cover. The Collector’s Whore in me wanted it more to have a complete set than to have the game… although I was interested in RPGs thanks to “Super Mario RPG” and had heard good things in gaming magazines of a strange, unique RPG called “EarthBound”. But I had never played it and didn’t know anything about it beyond that.

Much to my horror, when I opened the box up I discovered that there was NO PLAYER’S GUIDE/instruction manual inside!!!!!!!! Just the game and the box! I was SO UPSET. I nearly took it back!

…. PHEW! What a mistake that would’ve been eh! Suffice it to say, I kept it. Now due to it being a Blockbuster rental, the box was already roughed up, and since then it has simply sat on my shelf and got more worn over the ages and the last 14 years that I’ve owned it. As such, the box is in pretty rough shape.

The game works perfectly, although it doesn’t maintain game saves. :( It has always done this though, even when I first bought it. I even replaced the battery once and it still didn’t maintain my saves. :( I kept trying to play it for years and years, refusing to use a ROM, since I wanted to beat it in its original state on my SNES. However after trying to beat it one final time on SNES about a year ago, I finally gave in and downloaded the ROM. So I didn’t have to worry about my saves getting erased.

A few months back I then bought the Player’s Guide Instructions Manual for $80 off ebay, in order to make this a complete EarthBound set (without the inserts). I’m selling it for $400. :) Wish me luck in selling it!


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