Mastering Resident Evil and Super Mario Land! Master Run FTW!

09 Aug

Resident Evil Remake Giant Snake Boss Yawn Screenshot

Beating Resident Evil Remake without saving once? Seemed impossible but I did it!

Have you ever “Mastered” a game? Mastering Resident Evil and Super Mario Land are my latest videogame Achievements and two of the proudest gaming moments of my life!

What are your proudest gaming moments and have you ever attempted or accomplished a Master Run for one of your favorite videogames?

To “Master” a game, you must achieve a feat that is outside the normal scope of the game. It’s creating a personal challenge for yourself and then accomplishing that challenge.

Two of the most popular example of “Mastering” a game are both for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The first way you can get a “Master” in the game, is to beat the entire game without ever picking up a single Heart Piece or Heart Container! You must keep only three Heart Containers throughout the entirety of the game, which is the amount you start the game with!

As you can imagine, this makes the game incredibly tough and ups the difficulty tenfold. Normally Ocarina of Time is pretty easy, but this Master makes it quite the achievement to pull off. This is beyond the normal scope of the game because playing it normally entails finding hidden Heart Pieces and picking up full Heart Containers to add to your life energy by beating bosses (each defeated boss gives you a full Heart, while collecting four Heart Pieces equals a full Heart).

Another popular way to Master Ocarina of Time is to beat the game without ever using your Sword or other weapons in combat, instead you must use only Deku Sticks!

Before I even knew what “Mastering” a game was, I had heard of CRAZY people doing the above challenges before. Another popular example would be using only the Knife to beat a Resident Evil game.

I was very inspired, thanks to a website called Backloggery, and thought I’d try my hand at seeing how far I could get in Resident Evil Remake without saving once. I had just beaten it on Normal with Jill, so I thought I’d try it on Hard since her quest and how to beat it was still fresh in my head.

Little did I know that I would actually make it through the ENTIRE quest without saving once! I also didn’t use a single First-Aid Spray! I beat Jill’s quest on Hard without saving once or using a first-aid spray, without dying, in a very quick time (for me) of 7:45:23! Only 7 hours! Not tooo shabby!

Honestly, I was pretty sure I’d get about two hours in and then die and never attempt a Master Run again! At the very least, I thought I would surely die at some point when you reach the Hunters!

Here is how I delivered my elation online via Facebook updates as I attempted this incredible feat!

Post #1
I’m attempting my first ever playthrough of Resident Evil Remake with the intent of beating it without saving once and in the quickest time possible! :O I just beat it with a playtime of 12 hours, 30 minutes. I always forget when I start playing exactly how long the game is. Generally I don’t think I’ve ever beaten it in less than 10 hours. But I’ve never attempted skipping everything and running through to try and beat it as fast as possible. I am positive I can cut that time in half, if not 3, 4, 5 hours or so. Since the ambiance and aesthetic of the game, not to mention the graphics, is so beautiful I still like to play it as slow as possible. Walking everywhere and taking it all in. It’s EXTREMELY tough not to die, but we’ll see how far I can get…. Playing on Hard too, I should add. :P With Jill.

Post #2
Woohoo! I’m HALFWAY through Jill’s campaign in Resident Evil Remake, attempting to beat it without saving once, AND without using a single First-Aid Spray healing item (they heal you all the way. I do reserve my right to use herbs though, of course! :P), also attempting to beat it as quick as I can. So far SO GOOD. This is arguably the best run I’ve ever had in the game. I’ve done just about everything perfectly, in avoiding enemies, only killing enemies that are required, conserving ammo and conserving health. But I’ve only fought and killed ONE Hunter. *shutters* I got about 12 of the raptor-like killing machines to survive against…. NOT looking forward to it. I hate those damn things!

They are REALLY hard to kill and can kill you in ONE HIT if they leap and strike you if you’re a bit low on health, slicing your head off in one go…. Hopefully I can contain the beasts! I’m doing my best to strategize in my head ways to avoid them, using alternate routes….

I have survived the Sewers and reached Disc 2! Now for the home stretch! All I gotta do is survive the Laboratory and the two end boss fights and I’m home free!

So far everything has gone as well as I could ever hope for. Only one or two near-heart-attack moments. It’s crazy playing this much of Resident Evil Remake without saving ONCE. For the record, in my last playthrough yesterday (which I beat this morning, before attempting my Master-Run right afterward, since it was all still fresh in my head) I saved a total of TWENTY TIMES! This time? ZERO! :D

I literally would’ve thought it impossible to beat the game without ever saving (I typically save after ANY hair-raising moment), but I’ve proven that thought WRONG! Well, almost…. I’ll find out within the hour whether I can mark this experiment a true success or ultimate failure…!

Post #4 – RE Remake MASTER RUN FTW!
Resident Evil Remake MASTERED! Beat it without saving once!
HOLY F’N CRAP! I FREAKIN’ DID IT! I just “MASTERED” Resident Evil Remake! YES! WOO-HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is without a doubt my proudest gaming moment EVAR! RE Remake is my favorite game of all time, and arguably the game I’ve beaten the
most. I can’t believe I actually did it and successfully pulled this off ON MY FIRST TRY!

I successfully beat the game WITHOUT SAVING ONCE on my FIRST TRY!!!!!!!!! My heart is still pounding out of my chest. On the last boss, I MISSED with the freakin’ Rocket Launcher! :/ (and then he hit me! I was about to die of a heart attack) Also at the part where you have the fuel capsule it will explode if you run or shoot a weapon… OMG…. I got grabbed by an enemy! I panicked and used a Defense Item (knife), and then almost got hit again! I was pretty sure that was the end of me. Was pretty sure my 7 hours I had just sunk into the game was just all for naught. BUT I SURVIVED! :D

I played it on HARD on Jill’s quest and ALSO didn’t use a single First-Aid Spray healing item! I beat the game in 7 hours, 45 minutes and 23 seconds! (7:45:23) I believe that’s my best EVER time. I’m pretty confident I can bump that end time down to 5 hours or so. I had to use the bathroom once while keeping the game on paused, and paused several times to do quick online research (found few answers, I think I’ll post the answers myself on my own websites to fill in this Internet gap on RE Remake! lol), but yeah. WOOT WOOT! I AM WINNAH! MASTERED GET! ^_^

— End posts —

THEN I did more Mastering by finally beating Super Mario Land, after literally MONTHS of trying, without dying or getting hit, keeping the Superball Power-Up (like the Fireball but it ricochets) throughout the entire game!

Suffice it to say, I am immensely proud of both accomplishments and consider them to be among my greatest and proudest gaming moments of all time!

What are your proudest gaming moments and have you ever attempted or accomplished a Master Run for one of your favorite videogames?

All of this was inspired by the AMAZING website, which I urge you to check out!

Please sign up, create a profile and then add me to your “Multi-tap” (i.e. Friends List).

Backloggery is a website created with the sole purpose of allowing people to easily and effortlessly list every game in their collection for every system, and keep track of what games they are playing currently; with the goal of completing their “Backlog” (ie, the games they mean to play but have yet to play).

You can then update the status of those games as you are playing them, and can mark games as “Unplayed”, “Unfinished”, “Beaten”, Completed” or “Mastered”, among other things (You can even mark games as “Formerly Owned”, “Rented” or “Borrowed/Loaned”).

Because the website has no database, it is effortless to add new games without hitting snags by not typing the name right or hitting a rare game that isn’t in the database, etc. The website does not even have a forum, purposefully, so the focus stays on people’s backlogs and thus the games they are currently playing and the status of their entire collection is always front and center. You are then encouraged to comment on their pages, and you can easily see the status changes or new games that have been added to everyone elses collection on your friends list.

Thus when I changed the status of Super Mario Land and Resident Evil Remake to the elusive “Mastered”, people noticed and commented! :D
Everyone likes to get a little recognition!

One day I noticed that my Backloggery had ZERO Mastered games… that is what inspired me to play through Super Mario Land without getting hit, as a way of Mastering the game, and that in turn lead me to trying my hand at Mastering Resident Evil!

Suffice it to say, now I have the Mastery Bug and can’t wait to come up with new ideas to Master games!

What games have you Mastered?


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2 responses to “Mastering Resident Evil and Super Mario Land! Master Run FTW!

  1. Ekavira Verma

    August 24, 2012 at 2:19 am

    With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement?

    My site has a lot of unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my authorization. Do you know any methods to help reduce content from being stolen? I’d
    genuinely appreciate it.

    • astro64th

      August 24, 2012 at 3:53 pm

      Hey Ekavira, honestly I don’t check into that kind of thing as far as my website is concerned. I don’t have ads up yet so I don’t get paid for my site. In my honest opinion you should give up on trying to keep your stuff from being plagarized. This is the Internet, people will take with abondon even if you put a copyright notice on it, just as people download music online using torrents (or movies, software, etc.) and just like every new album known to man is put on youtube the second hit comes out.

      Here is how I look at it. A lot of the bands I love and now buy their new album the day they came out to support them, are bands I found on youtube, or bands whose first CD was given to my by someone else via a burned copy.

      In other words, see it as flattery that people consider your content worthy of taking, and eventually enough of it will be out there that someone will point it it came from you. I believe having your writing out there is probably more important than the fact that someone is stealing it.

      Eventually someone will realize who it is being stolen from, and think to themselves, “Wow, this person is good”.

      Just appreciate the fact that your writing is out there in the ether. It means your worthy of enough of being paid attention to. And people who steal can only thrive for so long. Eventually they’ll run out of stuff to steal, get caught, people will wise up, etc. Or people will start pointing it out in their comments, and besides, it will harm their reputation by people who are formal and official. Who want nothing to do with those sorts.

      Sorry i couldn’t be of more help. Take care and good luck!

      Btw, I should say I get a lot of my content from Facebook, and I never look into who owns it unless there is a link or it’s easy to find. I also think my site is to small for anyone to give a fig. So for example most of my top pics or “Photo of the Day” pics are just stuff I find on facebook and share on my site.


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