Christian Music Videogame References Rap and Metal. Songs From Bands and Artists of All Genres Celebrating Gaming

11 Aug

Christian Videogame Tshirt - Call of Duty Weapons of Our Warfare

Christians are gamers too and vice-versa. Including metal bands and rappers of all stripes!

Its no secret. Videogames and Christian bands and artists from metal to rap are often gamers, just like I am. The result is that many Christian Metal and Hip-Hop artists grew up with videogames and thus are inspired by them or pay tribute to them in their awesome songs.

So what Christian songs of Metal and Rap feature videogame references? PLENTY.

This list comes from my own personal observances where I’ve noticed videogame references in the Christian metal and rap songs I love.

Please leave a comment to let me know of other Christian songs where you’ve noticed videogame references and I’ll add them to the list! Eventually I hope this will become a masterlist to find videogame references in modern Christian music!


CHURCH CLOTHES By LeCrae (From the Church Clothes Mixtape)
What is the Videogame Reference? “Al and Jesse don’t speak for me. I’m probably gonna catch some flack, mayne/ But I’m gonna swallow this pill like Pac-Man” at about 58 seconds into the music video.

ONE SIXTEEN By Trip Lee Featuring KB and Andy Mineo (From the album The Good Life)
What is the Videogame Reference? “All I needs is one sixteen/to brag on my King Romans 1:16/ We brag about Him daily cause He runs this thang. Can I do it?/ Let’s go, here we go again/ 1 to the 1-16/going in/ spit one for the One/sent only Him/ And boy thinkin one clique’s noticed Him/ Let’s go, here we go again/ For this process in front of me/ Got my two eyes/ After that double You/ Like Nintendo Wii”

I’M GOOD By Trip Lee Featuring LeCrae (From The Good Life Album)
What Is the Videogame Reference? “I don’t know what they feelin’/ I don’t know what they thinkin’/ Cause my soul’s in-vis-ible like Mario when he blinkin'” at about 25 seconds into the music video.

VIDEOGAMES By KJ-52 (From the album Behind the Musik)
What is the Videogame Reference? The whole song is full of references to tons of videogames! Both popular and obscure. How many can you recognize?
Keywords: Galaga, Atari, Pitfall Harry, Bonus Round, Frogger, down to one life (1-Up), Super Mario Bros., Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Legend of Zelda, Space Invader, Street Fighter, Hadouken, Life when it ends (Game Over), Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Tecmo Bowl, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, Pac-Man, NBA Jam, Missile Command, Coleco (Colecovision), Dig Dug, Resident Evil, Raid the Tomb (Tomb Raider), Lara Croft, Madden, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon….

ITS OK By T-Bone (From the Bone-A-Fide Album)
What is the Videogame Reference? “We teach our children how to murder in these videogames/ So all they do is imitate what society brings/ Cause to them all the killin ‘is cool / so they packin their backpacks and shootin’ up a school”… at about 1:35 into the song.


HEADSHOT By MyChildren MyBride (From the album Unbreakable)
What Is the Videogame Reference? This entire song is a tribute to Halo! Tons of Halo references from beginning to end.
Keywords: Master Chief, Spartans, Cortana, Covenant, Halo Rings, Earth is the final Key, The Flood, Brutes, Jackals, Covenant Elites, BXR’s, Killing Sprees, Lockout, CTF, Zanzibar…

EMPIRE MIDI VIDEOGAME VERSION By August Burns Red (From the Album Leveler)
What is the Videogame Reference? This song is from the Deluxe Edition and is a videogame version of their hit song Empire remixed to sound like an 8bit NES game! The song is just as awesome as the actual version. The band says this is how the songs sound in their earliest stages before they turn them into actual tracks with real instruments that make the album.

More coming soon. :)


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