Becoming the Archetype Time Bender Lyrics For New Song And Music Video

23 Aug

Becoming the Archetype Time Bender

Becoming the Archetype introduces their new single, The Time Bender!

The Time Bender by Becoming the Archetype is the all-new song single from the Christian metal band’s all-new upcoming album “I AM”!

This song is absolutely badass in every way, shape and form, and the music video (lyrics video actually) features some insane imagery. I cannot WAIT for the new album! It drops on September 18th (my younger bro’s bday!), so be sure to pick this beast up!

I truly think Becoming the Archetype has outdone themselves with The Time Bender, this song is infinitely more awesome than I ever thought their new album would be. Especially given that veteran BtA vocalist Jason Wisdom is no longer with the band *tear* and has been replaced by new vocalist Chris McCane… who has done a PHENOMENAL job.

He sounds so close to Jason and his growls fit so well with what you expect from BTA that you can hardly even tell (or care!) that Jason is gone… even though I am still heartbroken that Jason, the rock of the band, is no longer with them.

Oh well. Times change, and if The Time Bender is any indication as to what we can expect from the rest of the album, then I am beyond freakin’ stoked! CANNOT WAIT! Be sure to pre-order!


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