Mitt Romney vs Obama And Fiscal Cliff Description Cartoon Video On Why To Vote Romney Ryan (Election 2012)

24 Aug

Why To Vote Romney Ryan 2012 Obama vs Romney Fiscal Responsibility Cartoon

Awesome artwork from a great educational cartoon on why to vote for Romney this election.

This awesome Why To Vote Romney Ryan Obama vs Romney Election 2012 Fiscal Irresponsibility video describes why the November election is so important and possibly the most important U.S. election of our American lives.

Beyond that this artistic piece shows the creation process as he draws caricatures of Romney and Obama, while also diagramming exactly what he is discussing as he informs us how the United States got into the position it is in and why the upcoming election is so important.

It’s an outstanding video, even if you may disagree with some of its connotations. For example, I do not have a high opinion of the Mormon church, and they, doctrinally, do not qualify as Christians without some caveats in the view of this evangelical.

However, despite those minor disagreements (God is the only who can judge, ultimately), I think most of the video is spot on and everything is fantastically conveyed. Two thumbs up from me!

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